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All the answers you need using applied Kinesiology.

The IZIT Muscle tester

It is a tool to help you make decisions on what is most advantageous to you. What "Izit" It is a …

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POWER P.E.BAL with advanced technology in stunning stainless steel pyramid shaped case. The most powerful EMF shielding device Life Energy produces.

If you are looking for protection from any, and all forms of EMF, human negative energy, Geopathic s…

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BlockIt PockIt provides 2 in 1 Protection. EMF protection from your mobile phone and block credit card scan theft.

2-In-1 Radiation-blocking pocket that protects you from your phone and stops identity theft fro…

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What's the science behind NHT Violet Glass? Biophontonics

Biophotonics What is Biophotonics and how do NHT Violet Glass jars work? ll living o

Oct 19th 2020

Want a Free Shipping Coupon from Natural Healing Tools?

For the rest of 2020, there are free shipping coupons available on the internet. Go to: ht

Oct 8th 2020