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Stone Massage Tools | Desert Jasper

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Product Description

Natural Healing Tools has a selection of manual stone massage tools to add to your natural health practice. 

  • Use on pressure points. Roll over the tense areas.
  • Refrigerate to use cold.
  • Use warm by running under hot water. Microwave is not recommended. Be careful using hot as the stone may break or burn the skin. 
  • The rounded end can be used as a gentle massage on a sore muscle while the more defined point can be used to break down a knotted muscle.
  • Use on yourself or have someone else give you a massage. 

All are approx. 4.5" long.

Desert Jasper

Jasper is the "nurturing stone." Desert Jasper, also known as Polychrome Jasper, is named for its many splendid color. It is a crystal of Fire and Earth, embodying the energy of action, creativity, and passion, while still stabilizing us through its ability to ground and center, always reconnecting us back to our Mother Earth.

The Desert Jasper Massage Tool has a beautiful aura to help heal the body as well as the soul.