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Shiva Lingam Stones

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Product Description

Amazing Shiva Lingam Stone, Shiva Lingam Sacred Stones from Narmada River India and is used for meditation, energy stabilization and resonates with the third eye chakra. 

Choose the sizes that work best for you: 

  • Small 3" approx.
  • Medium 4" approx.

Each egg-shaped Shiva Lingam stone has its own color variations, patterns and swirls. The stones shown on the listing are for illustration only to demonstrate variation in appearance. One stone will be selected at random from our stock on hand when we ship your order.

Within the Indian Hindu religion, Shiva Lingam are a sacred stone. Found exclusively at the bottom of the Narmada River, they are associated with the Hindu God Shiva. ... Shiva Lingam stones are a distinctive elongated egg shape thought to represent the cosmic egg of which all life has sprungIts resonance within the third eye chakra is about your visionary abilities, and this stone enhances a direct connection to the higher self. Shiva Lingam is objects of beauty, and their energy carries a strong feeling of divinity and sacredness.

Shiva Lingam is an elite stone when it comes to raising aspects of fertility, sexuality, confidence, and balance stabilization. The symmetrically rounded ends of the Shiva Lingam emit energy stabilization, increased memory, and the expansion of your overall consciousness.

These stones are only harvested once per year as the river is considered sacred. It is said that 4 stones - one in each corner of home - resonate with each other to bring peace and harmony. Or add one where you want - at your personal alter, meditation space or bedside.