FAQ: NHT Violet Glass



Biophonotics Science

What is biophotonics

The term biophotonics is made up of two Greek words: “bios” and “phos”. “Bios” means life and “phos” stands for light.

Biophotonics addresses medical and human science questions in the form of light based technologies. Both microscopic and spectroscopic methods belong to this, as well as the use of lasers to explain biological processes on a cellular level.

The main point of biophotonic research is the application of the characteristics of light on food production, pharmacy, bio-technology and medicine. With the help of light, images of microscopically small processes within living cells can be observed quickly and undisturbed.


At the international institute for biophotonics, fundamental research about biophotonic analysis (IBB) is being carried out under the direction of Professor Popp.


NHT Glass Directions

*Always Wash Glass First

Thoroughly wash glass containers before use. This will get rid of any remaining glass fibers from the manufacturing process.


*NHT Apothecary Glass Lids

The lids are designed to go on easily. Gently put the lid in place and it will seal itself. Do not press too much or force the lids on as they will get stuck. Should the lids become stuck put the bottle in a pot with hot water near the top of the neck. Heat the water almost to a boil and the lid will pop off from steam pressure.