FAQ: Radiant Room

How do I use Radiant Room?

You can place the Radiant Room device on any flat surface. The device starts to work as soon as you remove it from the velour carrying pouch and put it in position.
How does Radiant Room work?
The Radiant Room hologram radiates a powerful field into a single room, converting toxic EMFs to biologically safe fields. Chaotic fields are transformed and a tangible feeling of peace is generated to enhance any single room.
Does it need to be placed in a particular direction?
The Radiant Room hologram radiates a powerful field to clear and protect a single room, up to 400 square feet, from harmful electromagnetic fields as well as other detrimental vibrational energies. You just place the Radiant Room hologram in the area you want to clear; it does not matter which direction it faces.
Does the Radiant Room need to be recharged?
No, the energetic encoding of the Radiant Room hologram is permanent and very stable.
Is Radiant Room’s effectiveness altered by chemicals in the room or by other conditions?
No, the energetics in the device cannot be neutralized or altered by chemicals or conditions in the room.
Do I buy a Radiant Room for every room in the house?

While that is one way to protect your home, the easier solution is our EMF Adapter. Plugs in a wall socket and protects everything on that electric box. 

Radiant Room is for both single room situations and for rooms you want extra protection. For example, a baby nursery or a teenage gamer room. 

Can I use the Radiant Room with other SafeSpace devices?
Radiant Room is a great adjunct to the EMF Adapter and radiates another layer of beneficial fields in room-size space. Many people use Radiant Room in their bedrooms to enhance peaceful rest.