FAQ: Safe Space II

How has the SafeSpace II been tested?

The SafeSpace products have been thoroughly tested and repeatedly confirmed effective via kineseology and electro-diagnostics.

How should it be carried?

The SafeSpace II is designed to be kept on or close to the body. It can be worn, carried in a pocket, wallet or small purse. It can be attached to a keychain or added to a cord or chain of your choice. The vibrations will easily move through fabric or leather.

What is the field of protection?

The SafeSpace II radiates a seven-foot circular field of protection around the body. It offers a field of protection in Wi-Fi filled environments or while using a laptop, computer or tablet. It also can be a great support during travel.

Why do I need to use protection?

Electromagnetic fields (EMF) in our environment can affect the way we think and feel. They influence our metabolic processes and our overall health. Highly disruptive energy fields from high tension wires, industrial radar, microwave beams, electric current, computers, televisions, cell phones, flourescent lights and other electrical appliances can numb or dull our sense perceptions and adversely impact brain wave activity. Studies have also shown EMFs can induce mild depression in many subjects through the disruption of melatonin, dopamine and serotonin levels.