FAQ: Smart Patch

How do I know if my device needs a Smart Patch?

If it has an electric cord or a battery, it needs a Smart Patch. You can use a Smart Patch on your television, stereo and other entertainment equipment, surge protectors, laptops, tablets, routers, telephone, kitchen appliances, electric tools, large and small office equipment.
Can I use the Smart Patch with other SafeSpace products?
To build on the benefits and further extend the harmonizing impact, you can use the patch along with other SafeSpace products.
How does the Smart Patch work?
The SafeSpace Smart Patch radiates a transformative field into your device’s circuitry at the source. It also creates a personal field of protection around your cell phone, laptop or other device.
How does SafeSpace test the Smart Patch? 
Testing the SafeSpace™ Smart Patch on human DNA at Quantum Biology Labs proved that the patch not only neutralized the detrimen- tal effect of the electromagnetic radiation on human DNA, it improved the DNA recovery process beyond the control.