Yes Supplement Guidelines

YES™ Supplements Guidelines....

IMPORTANT: All adults need to take a minimum of 4 YES™ Ultimate EFAs® daily for nutritional support and to assist with appetite fulfillment. If you think you may forget your second dose, it is best to take all 4 at once, rather than to only take 2 on any given day. If you have questions about amounts for kids or pets, contact us and we can help.

Meal Plan Suggestions...

The most important thing to remember when planning your meals is to be creative! There are more food choices than you may think in the lower-carbohydrate variety. A good hint when grocery shopping is to walk the perimeter of the store and stay out of the isles, unless you need toiletries or paper items. This way you avoid picking up crackers, cereals, and other highly processed carb-filled foods.

IMPORTANT: low-carb foods made from soy, such as breads, pasta, and imitation meats and cheeses, have been known to increase weight and negatively affect digestion. We highly recommend that you avoid these kinds of foods.


• Eggs: scrambled, poached, fried, quiche, omelet, deviled
• Real Cheese: cheddar, swiss, mozzarella, jack
• Bacon or Sausage: Links, patties
• Tea or Coffee: Black or with Half-and-Half or Heavy Cream
• Fruit: melon, berries, even tomatoes


• Meat: deli style, chicken, turkey, beef, pork
• Fish: tuna, salmon, sardines or shellfish (un-breaded)
• Salad/vegetables: tossed salad, egg salad, green bean salad, cole slaw, cucumber salad
• Full-fat dressing, mayonnaise, vinegar & olive oil
• Fruit: berries, melons, half your portion of higher sugar fruits like apples or bananas


• Meat: chicken (un-breaded), turkey, beef, pork
• Fish: tuna, salmon, sardines or shellfish (un breaded)
• Salad/vegetables: asparagus, cucumber, tomato, spinach, artichoke or tossed salad
• Dessert: dark chocolate, low-carb pudding, homemade low-sugar/stevia sweetened ice cream, etc.

Snack (if you want it)

Deli style meats, pork rinds, cheese, beef jerky, nuts, low-starch fruits like melons or berries, etc.

IMPORTANT NOTE: It's not necessary to eat more than twice a day. The Meal Plan above is an example only - you can mix and match items, find new and inventive ways to enjoy them. Also choose 2 out of the 3 meals for each day listed above. Many YES™ clients no longer require 3 full meals daily. Taking YES™ nutritional supplements and choosing foods high in nutritional value will keep you satisfied, you can eat less often saving time and money and feel better, too!

Tips for Success...

Use YES™ EFAs to conquer cravings and carb snacking

GREAT NEWS: When you're craving sweets, take extra EFAs. Because of years of making carbs the foundation of your diet, your body is probably trained to crave sugar or starchy foods when it really wants EFAs. Before snacking on these fat-storing foods, take a couple of YES™ EFAs and wait 20 to 30 minutes. This should help you keep from wanting to cheat. And if you do still want a carb snack, you won't be able to eat nearly as much as you used to. The longer you take YES™ EFAs, the less your cravings and the less you can eat if you do cheat.

Avoid Trans fats and Fat Substitutes

NEVER use highly processed supermarket vegetable oils or margarine's that contain trans fats or "fake" fats, which have been reported to cause both cancer and heart disease (don’t be fooled by margarine ads promoting a “healthy heart” for which there is no scientific foundation - trans fats were known to cause heart disease as far back as 1956!).

Minimize or Eliminate Highly Processed Foods

When shopping, always choose foods in their most natural, unprocessed form. For instance, choose full-fat - NEVER low-fat foods. Rather than choosing highly processed Velveeta cheese, choose “real” block cheese, or choose heavy whipping cream over nondairy ”creamer,” etc. ALWAYS check the labels on foods. This way excess carbs and unhealthy ingredients won’t sneak up on you. Watch out for hidden carbs in condiments, gravies, sauces and dressings. Please avoid foods made from Soy because these foods will put weight on you, create digestive problems and are bad for your overall health!

Reduce Carbohydrates

Cut carbohydrate-based food portions in half & minimize carbohydrate-loaded sweets and you will feel much more energetic and less bloated too. Consume no more than 12 tsp of sugar (carbohydrate) each day. This translates to 240 calories or 60 gm of carbohydrate daily.

Great news: It makes NO DIFFERENCE where the carbohydrates you eat come from. You can choose where you want to get your carbs. If you're eating out and want dessert afterwards, you can skip the potatoes or rice so that you can have the cake or ice cream. So have a sweet or consume brown organic rice.... the choice is yours!

What are Carbohydrates?

Anything that is not like meat, fish, cheese, or eggs is a carbohydrate. Some carbs are higher in sugar than others. Starchy foods like potatoes, beans, pasta, rice, and corn are quite high in sugar while asparagus, celery, broccoli, and green leafy vegetables, are much lower in sugar. Check the carbs on various items for yourself. A tortilla is much higher in carbs than a regular slice of bread, because the tortilla so dense. We recommend no more than 1 piece of fruit a day or one serving of starchy vegetables or bread.

Quick Carbohydrate Summery...

Very High Carbohydrate: sugar & honey, fruits, dried fruit, juices, jams, jellies, non-diet sodas, candy, cereals, oatmeal, rice, beans, lentils, peas, potatoes, most snack foods, corn, pasta, pastries, cakes, pancakes, cookies, breads, muffins, tortillas, pita bread, crackers, flour, yams, milk shakes, sundaes, pies, honey, syrup, ketchup, beer, sweet mixed drinks.

Moderate to Low Carbohydrate: squash, string beans, cabbage, turnips, cauliflower, mushrooms, tomatoes, raspberries, cantaloupe, honeydew, nuts, seeds, avocados, asparagus, spinach, lettuce, olives, celery, onions, and most other non-starchy vegetables.

Very Low to No Carbohydrates: eggs, real cheese, cream, Brie, fish, shellfish, beef, pork, pork rinds, ham, bacon, lamb, chicken, turkey, duck, sour cream, cottage cheese, cream cheese, mustard.

Reduce Consumption of Artificial Sweeteners As Much As Possible

Not only have sweeteners such as Aspartame been shown to be harmful to your health, but they can also negatively effect weight loss. Artificial sweeteners actually make you hungry! We recommend the natural herbal sweetener stevia in liquid form, or use real sugar - just less of it (see Product Recommendations below for info on stevia or go to to learn more about the stevia rebaudiana plant).

GREAT NEWS: Taking YES™ 3 nutritional supplements along with following our lower-carb eating plan will greatly reduce your desire for sweet foods.

Eat Until You Feel Satisfied But Don’t Stuff Yourself

When you aren’t hungry but just feel like a snack, eat no-carb/very low-carb foods like cheese, lunch meat, a small handful of nuts, etc.

GREAT NEWS: YES™ EFAs and Minerals give your body the nutrition it needs - naturally fulfilling your appetite AND curbing those awful carbohydrate cravings. You'll get the same satisfaction from eating less food.

Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth Without “Cheating”

Choose natural real cream whipped topping. Artificial whipped toppings are not good for you. You can even whip heavy whipping cream with 1 tsp. sugar yourself. Dark and bittersweet chocolate are lower in sugar than milk chocolate. The more you reduce sugar and carbohydrates from your diet, the more you’ll love richer (nonfattening) rather than sweeter but fattening foods, including chocolate. If you want dessert, by all means have some, but a half or a quarter portion will be sufficient once you discover the appetite fulfilling power of YES™ EFAs.

Very Low-Carb Desert Idea -Ice Cream Pops:

Ice cream pops make a wonderful desert, especially during the hot months. Here’s a great idea for creating absolutely delicious pops with little to no sugar and no artificial sweeteners.

This recipe is based on a home ice pop tray that holds 1/4 of a cup per pop. These instructions are based on 8 pop trays, 2 pops per flavor.

1 pint of half and half (organic is best tasting)
Coffee or tea flavoring syrups (vanilla, hazelnut, raspberry, toffee nut, etc)
OR Dark chocolate syrup
Stevia™ herbal dietary supplement (natural sweetener)*

1) Pour 1/2 a cup of half and half into a measuring cup.

2) Add 10 drops of Stevia™ (to taste).

3) Add 1 teaspoon of coffee/tea syrup flavoring OR 2 teaspoons of Dark chocolate syrup (to taste).

4) Stir well but slowly so as not to create lots of bubbles.

5) Pour to create 2 pops.

6) Repeat this with other flavors for a nice variety per tray.