FAQ: Safe Space Technology and Products

Can SafeSpace products be used together?

All of our technologies are designed to work together effectively to offer layered protection, like an expanding cocoon of harmonized resonance. For laptops and other mobile devices, the appliance patch kits will direct EMF correction at the source (the first layer of protection) — a practice we always recommend for ultimate neutralization of harmful EMF effects.

How do the products work?

Our products are based on principles of harmonic resonance and subtle energy and do not block EMFs but rather transform the fields. SafeSpace devices are not designed to block EMF fields but rather to generate a harmonic resonance to interact with fields and transform them at a subtle energy level. Our products are tested through measuring the positive effect on the body.

Can I measure the effectiveness of SafeSpace products with my EMF meter?

No current EMF meter is sensitive enough to show a change. Testing can be used to show the changed field effects on the body. This is why we use DNA and qualitative testing. Please do not test the products without understanding these principles. We have a 30-day return policy, as noted on the site.

Where are SafeSpace products made?

All the energetics and R&D testing that make our products work are done in the United States. We are dedicated to working with U.S. manufacturers whenever possible. Across our product lines, the component materials for our products are made in the United States. All final assembly, packaging and distribution are done in the United States.