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Stone Massage Tools | Agate

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Product Description

Natural Healing Tools has a selection of manual stone massage tools to add to your natural health practice. 

  • Use on pressure points. Roll over the tense areas.
  • Refrigerate to use cold.
  • Use warm by running under hot water. Microwave is not recommended. Be careful using hot as the stone may break or burn the skin. 
  • The rounded end can be used as a gentle massage on a sore muscle while the more defined point can be used to break down a knotted muscle.
  • Use on yourself or have someone else give you a massage. 

All are approx. 4.5" long.


Agate stone is thought of for strength and courage. Agate enhances mental function and contributes to a clear heart. This clarity helps with problem solving and lower stress. A wonderful stone to have at work to use as a "worry stone."

The finer point on this massage tool gives a bit deeper focus to pressure points. Helps relieve wrist and hand strain after too much computer work. Vary the tensions to find what works best for you.