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Yes Ultimate EFA Supplement, Liquid 4oz

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Product Description

Our remarkable Yes EFA daily supplement in liquid form. 4 fluid oz.

This remarkable formulation is unique and highly specialized. EFA contain parent omega 6 and parent omega 3 Essential Fatty Acids. Our formula contains more Omega 6 than Omega 3 and NO fish oils.

Everyone has been told that fish oil, commonly called omega 3, is good for your health. This has now been proven wrong. Fish oil consists only of an inferior and potentially harmful form of omega 3 called “derivatives.” Omega 3 derivatives are NOT essential EFA.

There are only two true essentials humans must consume from food or supplements every day—“parent” omega 6 and “parent” omega 3. Your body cannot manufacture them. Be aware these parent EFAs are not found in fish oil! Your body only needs a very small amount of those derivatives, and it makes those out of parent EFAs as needed. Just 1%-5% of the parent EFAs turn into derivatives; 95% STAY in parent form. Overloading on omega-3 derivatives from fish oil can be extremely harmful to health (causing severe physiologic overdose). Preliminary research often overlooked these critical facts, but landmark new research in 2009 and 2008 enlightened the medical community.

Real-life clinical results prove that patients show marked improvements when they change their daily EFA supplementation from fish oil (omega-3 derivatives) to a much more complete and biochemically correct blend of PARENT ESSENTIAL OILS (PEOs). Based on the latest, most comprehensive new science in 2009-2008, it is clear that a proper combination of parent omega 6 and parent omega 3 is so far superior to fish oil (Yes PEO is without fish oil) and other EFA supplements, that it completely replaces everything else.

The Liquid Yes EFA is specifically formulated for those that don't like to take capsules or take so many pills that they want an easier to swallow and digest formulation. Perfect Omega formulation for children, elderly or anyone that wants easier to take formula. The Liquid EFA can be mixed in water or juice so its easy to take twice a day.

Liquid Yes EFA is easy to add to juice or breakfast shake. Combine with the liquid Yes EFA Herbal formula and the capsule Mineral formula for a complete daily supplement plan. Formulation made by Brian Peskin in support of his nutritional plan. 


In 2014, Brian Peskin and Dr. Robert Rowen published their long anticipated book, PEO Solutions. Preview Chapter 10 and Natural Healing Tools provides links to purchase the book and resources to the science behind PEO Solutions here.

Natural Healing Tools Question:
It is often described that you receive an energy boost from switching to PEO’s over fish oil or no Omega supplementation. Why do you think this is? Do you think this is shown in any studies?

Brian Peskin Answer:
This is because the PEOs make the mitochondria function at a higher level. This has been shown and we don't need more "studies", we NEED science. "Studies" are what got the field into the fish oil fiasco.




Other Details

1/2 tsp in the morning and 1/2 tsp at lunch or dinner. More can be taken prior to work out for additional energy.
8 oz bottle, 45 day supply. 90 Servings.
Our remarkable Yes EFA daily supplement in liquid form. 8 fluid oz.
Use the spoon provided. Take 3 spoonfuls daily (approx 3/4 tsp). If you weight over 150 pounds, take 1 additional spoonful for every 50 pounds. Can be taken with food.
Use by:
Best if used within 2 months of opening.
Serving size 3/4 tsp. Servings per container 30.
From Arizona