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NHT Wide Mouth Storage Jars, 1 liter

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Biophotonic glass, also known as Miron or NHT Violet glass, is a type of deeply purple colored, almost opaque glass. This glass is thought to be energized by light. 

Just as UV light can destroy our skin, the same UV's can destroy light sensitive produce and products. Developed with science to find the optimal color of glass - not clear, not amber, not black and not just any purple - to block the harmful light rays while permitting beneficial light (like infrared and certain ultraviolet waves) to permeate. The results? Preserve expensive products or homemade goods for a shocking length of time!  

The wide mouth jar with screw top lid is ideal storage for nuts, powders, pills and liquids. Airtight, watertight, smell proof and leak proof.  

NHT 1 Liter Wide Mouth Jar is a perfect specialty storage solution. Try keeping herbs, spices, essential oils, flours, berries and seeds fresher longer. Try storing your Superfoods for easy counter storage to add to your morning shakes!! We use this jar for a 1 pound bag of ground coffee, teas and another for fresh berries in the refrigerator. Food is too precious and expensive not to store for it's longest possible time!

Ever since the beginning of glass production, approximately 3,500 years pre Christ, violet or golden containers/bottles have been used exclusively to preserve precious salves, oils, essences and alternative medicines. Today, thanks to science, we know that life (energy) is best preserved by Violet, and no other spectral range can compare.

  • Store medications
  • Keeps Herbs Aromatic
  • Prolong Produce Shelf Life
  • Essential Oils on the Vanity
  • Mix Fresh Herbs for Cooking
  • Store Light Sensitive Products
  • Store supplements & superfood
  • Vitalize Any Indigestible Product
  • Biopotons Specific Glass Technology
  • Cosmetic Container for the Bathroom
  • Protects Biodegradable Health Products
  • Natural Healing Tools Recommended for Storage




This lid has a classic lid design, which is known for its curved shape with rounded edges. It is made from a heat-resistant thermoplastic resin called styrene-acrylonitrile (SAN) and has a glossy black finish. SAN is regarded as one of the safest plastics, and items made from SAN have a remarkable shine and durability. This reusable, premium-quality material is safe for food and frequently used with dry products. 


Each lid includes a violet-colored sealing element to enable the jars to be hermetically sealed. This element is made from PHAN, a three-layer laminated product consisting of two layers of solid PET films on the outside and a layer of EPE foam on the inside. The foam center core ensures an airtight seal, protecting the contents inside of the jar.


Important Note:
When you receive your NHT Violet Wide Mouth Storage Jars, wash thoroughly.


Other Details

Storage for light sensitive products.
Lightproof. Airtight. Leak proof. Wide mouth.
Dishwasher safe. Jar is hot and cold safe.
1 liter/33.8 oz liquid capacity. Blocks UV light. Locks in aromas, locks out odors. Modern design.
H 7.75" D 3.62" Mouth Opening 2.9"