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VitaPlex Life Force Pendant

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Product Description

A vibrant, subtle energy pendant! Perfect is imprinted with holographic circuit and permanently encased in Sterling Silver. VitaPlex good for relaxing, sleep and dreams. A unique piece of personal subtle energy jewelry.

Our most comprehensive solution for personal protection and vibrant well–being!


Wear Your EMF Protection!

Wrap yourself in fields of soothing, clearing and re-balancing energy throughout the day. It’s an added layer of protection for environments you can’t control, and so much more. In addition to guarding against Electromagnetic field (EMF) waves, jet lag and other health threats, this pendant is also a shield. The VitaPlex helps purify, re-balance, and raise the life energy of your entire body–mind. And unlike other pendants, magnets or gems, the VitaPlex continually changes and adapts its "broadcasting" to your unique, human energy field and your changing condition throughout the day. An exceptional daily tool for wellness.

The proprietary vibrational program in our handsome VitaPlex pendant is imprinted on a holographic circuit and permanently encased in Sterling Silver. Available online here at Natural Healing Tools! 

NEW! The VitaPlex has upgraded coding to be self energizing! Wear everywhere. Water proof. Exercise proof. Wear under clothing. Wear over your clothes to show off your VitaPlex. 

Testing: The health of the entire human body can be determined by analyzing the length of time between each heartbeat or one's heart rate variability (HRV). Like a fingerprint, each individual's unique heart rate variability reflects all of the fluctuating neurological, immunological and hormonal processes that occur in the body. A decrease in heart rate variability has emerged as the single most common risk factor for many chronic diseases. The key advantage to Heart Rate Variability analysis is its ability to detect disorders long before they would be revealed by an ordinary physical examination.

Extensive HRV testing on people wearing a VitaPlex demonstrated an overall improvement in heart function indicating that the VitaPlex supports greater health and a more relaxed (less stressed) heart as well as improvement in the health of the nervous system and energy field. 

The VitaPlex Pendant:

  • Helps to regulate and restore integrity to the human body through our unique energy field
  • Helps clear negative emotion patterns, thoughts and feelings
  • Enhance alertness, natural energy and vitality
  • Helps cells to regenerate and function correctly
  • Engenders positive emotions; promotes calm and relaxation
  • Protects your body from electromagnetic radiation
  • Promotes better sleep with reduced stress and better regulated heart rate
  • Counters jet lag and eases travel

Smart balancing energy!

As soon as you put on the VitaPlex, its encoded frequencies begin to interact with your unique energy field to balance and harmonize your physical body. It continues to adapt to your needs and keeps you protected from toxic fields that can compromise your health throughout the day. It is important to use the VitaPlex regularly, preferably daily.

Like a cocoon of protection that harmonizes and balances you

Some of our users say it’s perfect for wearing all day and all night. It’s just the right size for children to wear at school, acting like a shield against the effects of fluorescent lights and exposure to any number of anti-bio-energy infections!
"Extensive HRV testing on people wearing a VitaPlex demonstrated an overall improvement in heart function indicating that the VitaPlex supports greater health and a more relaxed heart as well as improvement in the health of the nervous system and energy field."
- Dr. Michael Nokken, D.C.

 Individual responses to using the VitaPlex may vary depending on the particular circumstances of  ones' current level of health and physical fitness. 

Use: When the VitaPlex is worn on the body the encoded frequencies in the pendant begin to interact with the energy field to restructure and balance the physical body. It is important to use the VitaPlex regularly, preferably daily. As the vibrations of the VitaPlex interact with the body's energy field, the individual may notice an energy shift - almost as though a wave of energy is passing back and forth for a short period of time.

Energy sensations, bodily changes, deep relaxation, heat or tingling, can occur all at once or in stages. One may also notice the human body releasing stress in other ways. Initially, some may feel "over energized". This is due to the body adapting to the energy shifts that are occurring in response to the VitaPlex. This is only a temporary response and in this case, one may choose to use the VitaPlex for less time or remove the pendant while the physical body processes its new energy information.

Stability: Testing shows that the VitaPlex cannot be neutralized or altered by temperature, electromagnetic fields, magnets, strong odors or chemicals.

The VitaPlex can be cleaned with a soft cotton cloth or a jeweler's silver polish cloth. It is important for maintenance of the sterling finish not to use harsh chemicals or abrasives on the surface. To accommodate your personal tastes, the VitaPlex can be worn on any type of chain or on a cord.

The VitaPlex comes with an 18”  flexible black rubber necklace (2mm wide). 
The clasp works by inserting metal reinforced tip into open tube end, as in photo.

Size: 1 1/4" L x 1/4" W

nht-faq.jpg FAQ: VitaPlex Pendant

 FAQ: SafeSpace

 FAQ: How do I create a healthy environment in an EMF toxic world?


Other Details

L 1¼” x W ¼” Brass plated with sterling silver
Radiates a protective field around the body
1 – 2mm black hypoallergenic silicone cords

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