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BlockIt PockIt

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Product Description

2-In-1 Radiation-blocking pocket that protects you from your phone and stops identity theft from the scanning of your chip-enabled cards

Gives you full protection from electromagnetic radiation from cellphones and information theft.  

EMF Protection

EMF stands for electromagnetic fields. EMF is emitted from your cell phone in two ways. First is from the battery. Second is from the antenna. Your cell phone is sending out a signal every few seconds to check for the closest cell phone tower - whether in use or not. 

We tend to keep our cell phone close to our body. In our purse, on our belt, in our hand or pocket. The powerful smart phones can emit waves that cause headaches, fatigue, depression, insomnia, rash or shortness of breath. 

The BlockIt PockIt is designed to block the EMF waves but not interfere with the working of the cell phone. 

The BlockIt PockIt also works for other devices that fit like pagers, hand held games or other small electronics. Use as a travel case for multiple cell phones. 

Credit Card Chip Scanning Theft

 With the increase of credit card technology, there is more and more information encrypted on our credit cards. And, black hats have found ways to scan your cards as you walk by. BlockIt by keeping your cards secure in you BlockIt PockIt! 

Add RadiSafe Protection

When using your cell phone, it is typically by your head. Your cell phone can create waves that cause headaches, fatigue and other symptoms of EMF harm. Add a RadiSafe to use on your phone while in use and your BlockIt PockIt for when your phone isn't in use. 

 A smart black faux leather case with a Velcro fastening available 4.5” x 6.7” size and fits most smart phones.

Other Details

BlockIt PockIt Size::
4.5" x 6.7"
Made In::
New Zealand
Stock in the USA.