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Fossil Orthoceras & Ammonite Marble Heart Alter Dish

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Orthoceras & Ammonite Black Marble Heart Bowl

Use on your personal alter for smudging herbs, incense or crystals. Change up your bathroom to natural soap in this dish - super easy to clean and doesn't oxidize. an be used as a food bowl, herb storage, candy dish, jewelry dish, etc. Use as a catch-all dish for all your trinkets. Create a plant herbal medicinal mix. 

  • Fossil ammonites and orthoceras in black marble matrix
  • Each is unique in size, color, and pattern
  • Polished to a super shiny luster
  • Handmade in Morocco
  • Approx 6" x 6"
  • Food safe as this is a natural carved piece with no glazes
  • Hand-wash only

Orthoceras is an extinct cephalopod that lived during the Devonian period nearly 400 million years ago. Like other cephalopods they lived inside of their shell, had tentacles they could use to grab food and used jet propulsion, squirting water to move. Ancestors to the modern day squid, they ranged in size from a few inches to six feet. As they died their shells accumulated on the ocean floor, were covered in sediment and fossilized. They can be found in Morocco, Estonia, Lithuania, Sweden, Ukraine and Belarus.

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