DIY to Decorate NHT Violet Glass Bottle and Jars

DIY to Decorate NHT Violet Glass Bottle and Jars

Mar 31st 2024

NHT - like you - love to decorate, personalize and add flair. Sometime, looking for the easy solutions and sometimes want to do something special! And, like you, we are always seeking fun (and healthy!) projects for the spring and Mother's Day presents. 

Here's a few ideas to decorate your NHT Violet Glass: 

  • Glass stencils and paint
    • Go to your favorite hobby store and look for specialty glass paints. Lots of colors available! 
    • Plan to free hand or get stencils. 
    • Follow directions on the paint products. 
  • Glass pencils
    • Nice when you want to erase and re-use your jars for lots of uses. 
  • Hang tags 
    • Especially easy to find metal wine hang tags but blanks are also available.
    • Use paper tags to keep it simple. 
  • Change the cap on the bottles
    • On the oil bottle, get a closing, pouring cap for oils and vinegars. 
    • On a wine bottle, there are lots of beautiful stoppers available at specialty stores, grocery stores or online. 
  • Decorate, decorate and decorate
    • Use glitter, or glitter pens. 
    • Try ribbons, twine or string to wrap the neck on any of the jars or bottles. 
    • Add an ornament or jewelry to bling up your jars. 

Use your bottles and jars over and over for so many great uses. Here's a few suggestions: 

  • Use Apothecary Jars or Wide Mouth Jars to store light sensitive dry goods in the kitchen like flours, specialty cooking dry products and dry herbs. 
  • Use the Water Bottles to store purified water, wine, oils, salad dressings and fresh squeezed juices. 
  • Use the Oil Bottles for salad dressings, oils and specialty created, infused oils. 
  • Use the round, lidded Glass Herb Pot to create your own master spice mix for the kitchen, specialty salts or light sensitive medicines. 

Over time, we've collected a few photos from family and friends to share -