Taking Cannabis Products? Want to Increase Longevity? Retain Potency?

Taking Cannabis Products? Want to Increase Longevity? Retain Potency?

May 19th 2023

Cannabis can be properly stored in a number of different materials, each with pros and cons, that make them more or less suitable depending on the user's needs. Glass, however, is a reusable, inert, non-biodegradable storage solution.

Clear Glass

The downside is that most airtight glass jars are available in clear. Typical glass jars are temporary storage for food in the dark of a cabinet or refrigerator.

Light degrades trichomes— which doesn’t matter if buds are stored in the dark. Storing buds anywhere in clear glass is automatic degradation of the product. 

NHT Violet Glass

NHT Violet Glass blocks visible light with the exception of the color violet. It also is semi-permeable to UVA, an infrared light, allowing about 40-60% to penetrate, depending on glass formula and thickness. Plus allows in the infrared spectrum.

NHT Violet Glass is from Miron Glass, a manufacturer in Germany. The specific color of violet glass is designed to allow only the wavelengths of light that are helpful to the products contained in the jar.

  • Ultraviolet (UVA) light is allowed.
  • Visible Light can cause deterioration of cannabinoids and terpenes.
  • Infrared Light (IR) a naturally occurring, low level Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) long wavelength.

While the science is important, a visible test is easier to visualize and understand. Chives left on the counter in different color glass containers:

NHT Violet Glass storage solutions create a unique, long term way to store cannabis anywhere. NHT has available for shipment in the USA - apothecary jars, screw top large mouth jars, and an herb pot