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Why YES PEO Flaxseed Oil? Why Not Krill Oil?

Why YES PEO Flaxseed Oil? Why Not Krill Oil?

Jan 19th 2023

This article is derived from Professor Brian Peskin's "The Peskin Primer - Understanding Professor Peskin's Approach".

While his Primer was published many years ago, it is part of the scientific foundation of his work in Parent Essential Oils and the foundation to his formulation that YES Supplements are made from.

Read the entire document here (this is from page 10 and 11). 

Flax, krill, and coconut oils ... Aren’t they good? 

Flax oil contains much more parent omega-3 than omega-6 — a backwards-physiologic ratio. Krill oil is in the same category as fish oil. Furthermore, no human would ever naturally eat krill, as it is a food for whales, seals, penguins, squid, various fish, and sea birds, not humans — as they are simply too small to bother with. Most of the krill catch is used for aqua culture and aquarium feeds, as bait in sport fishing, or in the pharmaceutical industry.

Coconut oil is not unhealthful, but contains very few PEOs (<10%); it is fine to use for cooking, frying, etc.

Why do so many promote krill/fish oil?

They are simply wrong. Also, significant financial interests may be in play. Krill is cheap. Financial benefit is fine, IF and ONLY IF the science is correct. In this case it is tragically incorrect, and the science supports the direct

opposite of fish oil’s “opinions and opinionated studies.” Widespread mistakes are nothing new in the fields of science and medicine. As the brilliant Galileo stated back in the 1600’s: “In question of science the authority of a thousand is not worth the humble reasoning of a single individual.”

Also, as Nobel Prize-winning physicist Richard Feynman brilliantly stated, “It does not make any difference how smart you are, who made the guess, or what his name is —if it disagrees with real-life results, it is wrong. That is all there is to it.” The IOWA experiment proves how wrong everyone is concerning fish oil and cardiovascular protection. State-of-the-art physiologic science will prevail. 

How long to see results and what objective results can I expect to see in my patients?

Positive results of PEO supplementation often occur very quickly in patients, sometimes within a few days. However, for significant results to manifest, allow patients 3-4 months daily use, as this is the time frame that tissues require to incorporate a significant amount of PEOs. Fully solving PEO deficiency can take 12-18 months. If a patient has been taking fish oil, allow them sufficient time to see and feel improvements of at least 3 months.