Want a Healthier Winter Season? Cod Liver Oil

Want a Healthier Winter Season? Cod Liver Oil

Feb 7th 2023

Yes, the jokes about Cod Liver Oil are valid. The taste isn't the best. But the results are amazing. That's why people take it and why with COVID you should consider adding Cod Liver Oil to your supplement regime (and ditch the fish pills). 

Long before drugs, flu shots, COVID shots and antibiotics took center stage here in America, mothers here and abroad gave cod liver oil to their families with great benefit! Northern climates such as Norway, Sweden, and Scotland relied on cod liver oil to keep their families healthy when the dreary winter weather came. Those that were given cod liver oil were found to be less susceptible to colds and the flu.

The old-fashioned cod liver oil contains vitamin D along with vitamin A and omega-3 fatty acids. These nutrients are critical for normal metabolism, brain and nerve function, supporting the cardiovascular system, and protecting and building the immune system.

Vitamin D is critical for cancer prevention, diabetes, weight loss, depression and cardiovascular health. Vitamin D is also crucial for our immune system. Vitamin D is best from the sun exposure but that's the age old problem - the dark of winter is when you need Vitamin D most. Vitamin D can also be in your diet in fatty fish like salmon and tuna. Because of its limited availability, supplementation is recommended by the NIH. And, the use of fatty fish oil is suggested. 

Ditch the fish oil pills. These pills are cooked and processed to the point of being shelf stable. This removes the bio available supplements you are seeking. Seek a liquid supplement to get your best Vitamin D. Our Sonne Cod Liver Oil is also destearinated (fat is not removed). 

Recommendations for Sonne Cod Liver Oil: 

  • 1 teaspoon a day
  • Optional to mix with juice
  • Take Cod Liver Oil with Calphonite for proper metabolism of both