Understanding the Science of Biophotons

Understanding the Science of Biophotons

Oct 11th 2022

Biophotons. The Most Important Scientific Discovery You’ve Never Heard Of...

There are some words that inspire and provoke thought, leading to enthusiastic conversations and heated discussions. Unfortunately, biophoton is not one of these words. In fact, mention the word biophoton and eyes glaze over and minds wander. However, the reality is that biophotons are vitally important and deserve your full attention.

So, firstly, what exactly are biophotons? Biophotons are light particles that are generated by almost all living cells. Which includes plants, animals and of course, human beings, that’s you. In fact, you are absorbing and emitting millions of biophotons every day. Millions!

Biophotons and Physical and Mental Health

Now, you might well be asking yourself: what are these millions of biophotons doing to us? What effect do they have? There are over 40 scientific groups worldwide, working on biophoton research and answers to these questions. Some of the results so far are possibly ground-breaking. There seems to be a clear link between biophotons and physical and mental health. For example, biophoton measurement provides a source of understanding and possible applications in non-invasive early diagnosis in the field of cancer research.

Agriculture is also an area where biophoton measurements can be used to test the resistance of crops. The inner quality of produce, storage, processing, preserving and packaging procedures. In simple terms, crops with a higher biophoton content are healthier and can be stored for longer. This is not just scientifically interesting, but commercially important.

Another compelling series of experiments carried out by scientists Barbara Köhler and Fritz-Albert Popp with biophotons: the eggs laid by battery and free-range hens. The biophoton content of eggs laid by hens walking around freely outdoors was more than 100% higher compared to eggs from hens kept in closed cages.

Where Do Biophotons Come From?

Biophotons come from sunlight, mostly absorbed through our eyes and skin. Another vital source is nutrition. Unfortunately, many of today’s foods and natural products contain very few biophotons, or even none at all. Many scientists refer to biophotons as “life energy”, which means that the amount of this life energy in processed and preserved food is very low. Therefore, doesn’t improve the energy levels in our body. Basically, eating or using these products costs energy rather than providing it.

The Magic Photon

Even the great Albert Einstein was convinced of their importance: “I believe we all dance to a mysterious tune intoned by a photon. The magic photon.” In case you’re wondering about the difference between a photon and a biophoton, you can stop wondering: biophotons are the photons generated within your body.

Our vitality is directly related to the quality and quantity of biophotons that are present in our body. A healthy body and mind emits far fewer biophotons, whereas someone who is sick or suffering from mental issues, will emit far more biophotons. Seems backward? But the reality is, healthy cells emit biophotons in a narrow, organized way while an unhealthy cell emits a wide band of chaotic, incoherent light. This is not a theory, it is a fact. 

As you’ve now learned, biophotons are being absorbed and emitted from all living organisms all the time. The quantity and quality of these biophotons in your body, is determined by the quality of what you eat and drink. Not to mention the amount of sunlight you’re exposed to. It isn’t a coincidence that people are happier when the sun shines and more prone to depression when there is less sunlight. Less sun means less biophotons.

NHT Violet Glass. The Rational and Aesthetic Choice

Knowing that light is essential to our health, you can understand how important it is to store natural products with a high number of biophotons. NHT Violet Glass  jars and bottles are perfect for natural biophoton-filled recipes, like wellness products, natural foods, organic cosmetics and natural skincare. They are made from patented biophotonic glass which protects these natural products by acting as a filter for sunlight. Protecting what’s inside from the sun’s harmful rays, while at the same time, allowing the beneficial rays in. Hence, preserving the biophotons, adding energy to the contents and dramatically increasing the shelf life of that product.

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