Top Tips To Reducing EMF At Home

Top Tips To Reducing EMF At Home

Jun 14th 2021

With COVID lock downs ending but people not necessarily returning to the office the expansion of Electromagnetic Waves  (EMF's) in the home is growing. EMF's are ever-present in the modern world, and exposure is often greatest in our own homes. From televisions, appliances, smartphones, game consoles and other electronics to 5G wireless networking, we are surrounding ourselves with EMF's. 

Symptoms of EMF exposure include sleeping issues, headaches, fatigue, dizziness and loss of memory to name a few. Some people experience chronic illness like cancer, lower sperm counts, crippling depression and change of personality. Here are some of our top tips to protect your household.

Distance is Your Ally 

As with COVID, staying a distance from electronics is the easiest, most effective way to reduce your EMF exposure. 

Keep your cell phone away from your body. Don't carry your phone in your bra or belt. Cell phones carried near male's private parts may cause lower sperm count. 

Prioritize Bedrooms

For many, the symptoms of EMF exposure comes with sleeplessness and fatigue. This can be especially true for children - and they may have a hard time explaining their symptoms. 

Think back to a recent change - did you upgrade your router? Or the utility company came around and installed smart meters? A new cell tower went up in the neighborhood? You installed new "smart" appliances in the kitchen - right under the bedroom? 

So, prioritize the bedrooms. 

  • Remove the TV. 
  • Keep phones and laptops out of the bedroom. 
  • Shut off the Wi-Fi at night. 
  • Use a mechanical clock. 
  • Evaluate your bed position. Move your bed as far from: 
  • Your headboard Is on the outside wall where your smart meter is.
    • Your network gear is located at an adjoining wall. (Get a timer to turn on/off your network gear.)
    • Bed is over the kitchen - are others up while you sleep?

Your bedroom should be as EMF clean and restful as possible. 

Evaluate Your Environment

Look around outside home, work and school. Don't buy a home or work under high power lines or near a cell phone tower. (You may even notice in such places the landscape is stunted in growth.)

Move to a different home. Change your office location. Or buy EMF protection products for you and your family. 

Deactivate Your Wi-Fi

Yes Wi-Fi is easier. Yes Wi-Fi can be just as fast. But consider the risk-benefits. 

Wi-Fi is an EMF generator everywhere it reaches. All day, every day. It is impractical to think going off the grid completely but using wired connections to all your devices puts less EMF in the air around your family. 

Second excellent reason to go off Wi-Fi is cyber security. Hackers look for the easiest ways to break in and Wi-Fi is an easy target. 

If there is an area like an office that requires Wi-Fi, have your router close to turn on and off when needed. Just an easy consideration to lessen EMF and increase cyber security. 

Helpful Cell Phone Management

  • Turn off your Blue Tooth when not in use. 
  • Don't carry your cell phone on your body. 
  • Use earbuds or speaker phone to reduce time next to your ear. 
  • Don't let small children use a cell phone - especially near their face. 
  • If you are on the phone all day, get a landline with a wired phone. 

Helpful Appliance Management

  • If you use a space heater, get a ceramic one. 
  • Keep your router and other network gear at least 20 feet away from your desk or main living space. 
  • If you use a microwave (it kills the nutritional value in food and liquids), walk away while it's in use. 
  • Baby monitors can be one of the highest EMF generators in your home. Keep as far from the crib as possible. 
  • Avoid wearing wireless devices like watches, fitness trackers and sleep monitors. 
  • If you can opt out of smart meters from your utilities, do it. 

EMF Protection Products

Yes, a moment of sales pitch. 

At Natural Healing Tools, we have sold EMF products for decades. Cell phone protectionPersonal space protectionEMF jewelry. And wide area protection

And, we use EMF protection products. We wear EMF jewelry, have diodes on our cell phones and use various personal and wide area EMF protection products. Our goal is to find the best EMF protection products with research - and passion - behind their products.