Quantum Entanglement – Understanding the Science Behind Remote Healing

Quantum Entanglement – Understanding the Science Behind Remote Healing

Jun 27th 2024

(Blog courtesy of Life Energy) We encounter many sceptics in our line of work. I have concluded that the main reason for skepticism is that people have been educated about a world that conforms to classical physics, often referred to “Newtonian Physics”. This deals with objects or lumps of matter interacting with other objects/lumps.

The fact is that we have a whole new understanding of the Universe emerging as we slowly embrace the world of the new “Quantum Physics”, where our universe is expressed as waves of energy is states of vibration that are manipulated by our own consciousness.

Understanding the principles behind remote healing or distant healing, as it is sometimes referred to, requires a basic understanding of Quantum Physics – in particular the principle of Quantum Entanglement. Einstein referred to this as “spooky action at a distance” but spooky as it might seem, it is being used in satellite communication and is certainly at work in all remote healing practices such as Reiki, radionics, and our own QSB Wave when used remotely.

The video and article on this page offer a great window into the possibilities of remote healing for somebody who might be sceptical of remote healing and want the principles explaining in scientific terms.

The article and video was inspired by an article by Dr Reji Kurien Thomas entitled “Beyond the Quantum Horizon – Distant Healing and the Scientific Landscape of Entangled Realities”, published on Linkedin

Introduction – At the Nexus of Mysticism & Mechanics

The concept of distant healing, an ancient practice rooted in holistic therapy, has recently permeated scientific discussions, igniting a dialogue between skepticism and the possibilities unveiled by quantum mechanics. This intricate interplay between healing and quantum entanglement beckons deeper exploration into the realms of mathematical equations, quantum theories, and consciousness.

Quantum Entanglement – The Cosmic Dance of Synchronicity

Quantum Entanglement

At the heart of our discussion is quantum entanglement, a phenomenon where particles become interconnected, and the quantum state of each cannot be described independently of the state of the others. This entanglement is represented by the wavefunction (Ψ), governed by the Schrödinger equation:


Here, ℏℏ is the reduced Planck’s constant, and ?^H^ is the Hamiltonian operator, representing the total energy of the quantum system. This equation describes how the quantum state changes over time, extending its implications to complex systems like the human body, and arousing profound scientific curiosity.

The Backster Effect

Cleve Backster, a polygraph technician, discovered an intriguing phenomenon while experimenting with NASA astronaut Brian O’Leary in 1988. He observed that O’Leary’s saliva cells, connected to a polygraph and enclosed in a Faraday cage, exhibited stress responses correlating with stressful events experienced by O’Leary miles away. This “Backster Effect” suggests that cells can perceive, record, and act upon thoughts, intentions, and emotions through a non-localized process, hinting at a mechanism for distant healing.

Light Carries Instruction

Modern science has demonstrated that light can be coded to carry instructions. In distant healing, this could mean sending coded light with instructions to build or decompose structures in a subject. For instance, if nutrient-building instructions are coded into a light source and shone through one particle (A), the effects could be replicated in another particle (B), using the body’s existing materials.

Classical & Modern Physics

Divisions of Physics

Physics is divided into Classical and Modern Physics. Classical Physics deals with phenomena at speeds much lower than the speed of light, while Modern Physics, including Quantum Physics and Relativity, addresses phenomena occurring at or near light speed. Subatomic phenomena and quantum mechanics fall under Modern Physics, which explores energy formed from “quanta” and the relative nature of matter and energy.

Nonlocality and the Great Divide

Nonlocality, a consequence of entanglement, refers to the ability of objects to instantaneously know about each other’s state, even when separated by large distances. This challenges the classical principle of locality, which posits that an object is influenced only by its immediate surroundings. Einstein’s famous equation, ?=??2E=mc2, anchors the speed of light as a cosmic speed limit, seemingly in contradiction to quantum entanglement’s instantaneous effects.

Quantum Field Theory – Vibrations of an Entangled Universe

Quantum Field Theory Basics

Quantum Field Theory (QFT) extends quantum mechanics to fields, proposing that particles are excited states of an underlying field. Fields, represented by operators, obey quantum mechanics’ principles. The Dirac equation for fermions:


where ?ψ is the field’s quantum state, ??γμ are gamma matrices, and ?m is the particle’s mass. QFT suggests that thoughts and intentions might influence quantum fields, theoretically propagating changes through the universe’s quantum fabric and affecting distant systems, forming a basis for distant healing.

Consciousness – The Quantum Observer

Role of Consciousness

The role of consciousness in quantum phenomena is a hotbed of debate. The Copenhagen interpretation of quantum mechanics posits that observation collapses the quantum wavefunction from a set of probabilities to a definite state. This idea raises the question: could the conscious intent of a healer influence health outcomes in a patient from afar?

Quantum Biology – Life on the Edge

Quantum Effects in Biology

Quantum biology explores whether quantum phenomena are involved in biological processes like photosynthesis, olfactory perception, and avian navigation. The Hameroff-Penrose Orch-OR model suggests consciousness derives from quantum vibrations within microtubules. This field bridges quantum mechanics and biology, hinting at quantum effects in the brain.

Bridging Worlds – The Future of Healing

Integrating Healing and Quantum Mechanics

The convergence of healing practices with quantum mechanics heralds a new understanding. The entanglement of health, science, and spirituality calls for a holistic approach to healing, recognizing the interconnectedness of all things.

Distance Healing

Quantum Entanglement & Nonlocality

Quantum entanglement suggests particles can affect each other instantaneously over distances, a phenomenon known as nonlocality, potentially underpinning distance healing.

Electromagnetic Fields & Biofields

Living beings emit electromagnetic fields, contributing to a “biofield” surrounding the body. Skilled healers might influence this biofield, facilitating healing across distances.

Consciousness as a Field

Some researchers hypothesize that consciousness extends beyond the physical body. If true, a healer’s intention might propagate through this consciousness field, affecting distant individuals.

Morphic Resonance

Biologist Rupert Sheldrake’s theory of morphic resonance posits a collective memory influencing organisms and behavior. Healing intentions could tap into this non-local field, reinforcing distance healing.

Mirror Neurons & Empathic Resonance

Mirror neurons respond to actions performed by others, playing a role in empathy. These neurons might also respond to emotions or sensations perceived during distance healing.

Informational Model of Medicine

This model suggests the body interacts with its environment through informational signals. Healers might send these signals through intention, affecting health across space and time.

Water Memory & Emoto’s Experiments

Masaru Emoto suggested that water can “remember” intentions, changing its structure. If true, a healer’s intentions could impact a distant individual’s health through the water in their body.

Conclusion – An Entangled Cosmos

Reimagining Healing and Reality

Exploring distant healing through quantum entanglement stretches our understanding, potentially rewriting the scripts of healing, consciousness, and reality. It invites us to reimagine the cosmos as an intricately entangled whole, where intentions ripple across the quantum fabric, shaping our collective health and destiny.