NHT Violet Glass: Herb Pot

NHT Violet Glass: Herb Pot

Feb 27th 2024

NHT Violet Glass Specialty Herb Pot Bowl

Use as a herb pot storage bowl, kitchen pinch bowl, to mix herbs or for cosmetics. 

Perfect for the herbal pot user to store herb for easy rolling. Keeps your herb stash fresher, longer in this air tight glass pot. 

For the gourmet cook to keep a signature herb mix for cooking. The best chefs have a signature seasoning mix. And, many of these seasoning recipes are available online. Keep this handy to season everything you are making. Have a second pot for specialty salts. 

Ideal for storing expensive, light sensitive make-up products. 

Store your superfoods or other light sensitive, natural additives for your morning drinks. 

NHT Violet Glass Specialty Herb Pot Bowl is a perfectly stored on the counter, cabinet or refrigerator.

Ever since the beginning of glass production, approximately 3,500 years pre Christ, violet or golden containers and bottles have been used exclusively to preserve precious salves, oils, essences, herbs and alternative medicines. Today, thanks to science, we know that this life energy is best preserved by the color of violet, and no other spectral range can compare.

  • Airtight
  • Store cannabis
  • Keeps Herbs aromatic
  • Prolong Produce Shelf Life
  • Essential Oils on the Vanity
  • Mix Fresh Herbs for Cooking
  • Store Light Sensitive Products
  • Vitalize Any Indigestible Product
  • Sea Salt Pinch Bowl for the Kitchen
  • Biopotons Specific Glass Technology
  • Cosmetic Container for the Bathroom
  • Protects Biodegradable Health Products
  • Natural Healing Tools Recommended for Storage