How is the UK Looking at the Surge in 5G Technology?

How is the UK Looking at the Surge in 5G Technology?

Jun 6th 2022

MobileNews: Court of Appeal green lights Anti-5G case against govt

May 26, 2022

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The Court of Appeal this week has granted permission for a case brought by anti-5G pressure group Action Against 5G case to proceed .

The Court of Appeal decided there were two grounds for the case to go ahead. One was the
the alleged failure to provide adequate or effective information to the public about the risks and how, if it be possible, it might be possible for individuals to avoid or minimize the claimed risks

The second was “the failure to provide adequate and sufficient reasons for not establishing a process to investigate and establish the adverse health effects and risks of adverse health effects from 5G technology and/or for discounting the risks presented by the evidence available; and/or failure to meet the requirements of transparency and openness required of a public body”.

Court of Appeal findings HERE

Worthington UK Testimony on Cell Tower Radiation

Watch recent testimony to the Worthington Planning Committee on cell tower health effects and the lack of adequate consideration of health and environmental issues.

European Parliament requested a research report “Health Impact of 5G” released in July 2021 concluding that commonly used RFR frequencies (450 to 6000 MHz) are probably carcinogenic for humans and clearly affect male fertility with possible adverse effects on the development of embryos, fetuses and newborns. 5G will increase ambient levels of wireless radiofrequency radiation. Peer-reviewed research has demonstrated a myriad of adverse effects from wireless radiofrequency radiation including increased brain cancer, DNA damage, oxidative stress, immune dysfunction, altered brain development, damaged reproduction, sleep changes, hyperactivity, and memory damage. (RESEARCH HERE)

Thousands of doctors and scientists are calling to halt 5G because of the increase in radiofrequency radiation- a new kind of environmental pollution. (DOCTORS & SCIENTISTS HERE, Read and download letter from Dr. Davis on the health and environmental effects of 5G)

Cellular radiation negatively impacts birds and bees

Published research finds the frequencies impact wildlife. For example, studies have found that the radiation can alter bird navigation and disturb honeybee colonies. Research also shows impacts on trees and plants.

“There is a substantial body of evidence that this technology is harmful to humans and the environment. The 5G millimeter wave is known to heat the eyes, skin, and testes… Of particular concern are the most vulnerable among us — the unborn, children, the infirm, the elderly, and the disabled. It is also expected that populations of bees and birds will drastically decline.” –Letter by Lennart Hardell MD & Colleagues

Read more published research studies here.

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