Chicago Tribune Cell Phone Independent Testing

Chicago Tribune Cell Phone Independent Testing

Aug 18th 2020

Even thought these articles and testing was posted August 2019, most of us missed it. With COVID, time to catch up on (old) relevant news! 

Chicago Tribune: We tested popular cell phones for radiofrequency radiation. Now the FCC is investigating. 

Chicago Tribune: Testing cellphones for radiofrequency radiation: How we did it

Wireless Estimator: FCC data assails Chicago Tribune's cell phone RF concerns

"...They concluded that samples tested at the FCC’s Laboratory in Columbia, Md. “did not produce evidence of violations of any FCC rules regarding maximum RF exposure levels.”

After their year-long investigation appeared to have been dashed, the Tribune posted another article on a Friday evening 10 days later stating that the cell phones complied with federal limits on RF.

Two longtime critics of the FCC’s cell phone testing said they were not won over by the agency’s results. They criticized the FCC for relying on manufacturers to supply most of the phones tested and the testing software.

However, according agency’s report, the FCC Laboratory purchased additional samples of the Apple iPhone XS, Samsung Galaxy S9, Motorola Moto g6 play, and BLU Vivo 5 Mini from the open market for testing.

A spokesman for the FCC, according to the Tribune, said that using the companies’ software was necessary to achieve accurate results..."

So, the same question that has been posed for years - why does our federal government oversight community use industry data? Why doesn't the FCC have true independent data and testing?