2022: International Year of Glass

2022: International Year of Glass

Sep 20th 2022

2022: The Year of Violet Glass

2022 has been officially named as the UN International Year of Glass. To celebrate the essential role glass plays in a sustainable society, touching almost every aspect in our daily lives. Highlighting the latest thinking and recent scientific and technical breakthroughs. An excellent year to also celebrate Natural Healing Tool’s violet glass and its amazing properties.

Natural Healing Tools has sourced our amazing glass from Miron Glass in The Netherlands. 

Miron mixes traditional glassmaking techniques with cutting-edge technology, to create a glass that preserves the essence and goodness of natural products. Extending the shelf life by sometimes up to three times longer than any other glass packaging. And much, much longer than any plastic packaging. It’s also reusable, recyclable and 100% environmentally friendly.

Along with the developments in glass and glass packaging, there are also the life sciences trends for 2022. In other words, the products you actually put into these containers. One major highlight: the role of AI (Artificial Intelligence) in creating new formulas and discovering new natural medicines. This market is expected to grow at an annual rate of 38% until at least 2025.

The trends are not just about creating and developing sustainable and natural products, it’s also about transporting these products all over the world. Tackling global issues with the supply chains will require collaboration between governments, big business and academia. Just as they worked together to combat COVID-19. It’s happening. 2022 will see the Energize program in full swing: bringing together ten global pharma leaders. Working together, sharing knowledge and initiatives to reduce emissions and increase the use or renewable energy in the supply chain. On a much smaller scale, companies like MIRON are also continuously looking into ways to reduce the local and global footprint. Which makes sense, as our glass is exported (as sustainably as possible) to customers in more than 70 countries.

Wellness - Body and Environment

As well as glass trends and life science developments, 2022 is seen as the start of a “new era of care”. In a recent survey, 76% agreed that the pandemic has impacted the importance they place on wellness. Spiritual practices like mindfulness and self-care are becoming mainstream, engrained in our daily routines and even offered in the workplace. This world of care includes our bodies, ourselves and our environment. They are all equally important. 

These days, what we consider wellness, is also about everything we have in our home: feel-good aesthetics. Is an object pleasing to the eye? Does an object invite us to touch and feel it? 

Feelings trump functionality!

Color of the Year

There are certainly a lot of good and positive things to look forward to in 2022. Even the color of the year, introduced by Pantone: “very peri” is very violet. 

As Pantone says: A new Pantone color whose courageous presence encourages personal inventiveness and creativity. 

2022 is time to celebrate coming into a new era. New ideas coming to light. Streamlining to the most important things. And, keeping in focus health, wellness and home. 

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