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  • An All-in-One Solution to Neutralize Harmful Electromagnetic Fields in Your Home or Office available at Natural Healing Tools. This plug-in product can clear and protect an entire home or office space from the harmful effects of EMF radiation. The EMF Adapter uses the building’s electrical circuitry to send a corrective, harmonizing resonance signal through the wiring of the entire space. Just plug in one EMF Adapter to protect your entire home or office.

    EMF Adapter for Whole Home/Office Protection  Concerned about WiFi Sickness? An All-in-One Sol…

  • Nu-Me Pendant Classic in Silver. Regular 3.5 cm diameter finished in Silver with Swarovski crystals set in the face. Compact size 2.5 com diameter finished in silver with Swarovski crystals set in the face.

    The Nu-Me protective pendant is unlike any other EMF protective pendant on the market. No other pr…

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