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EMF Adapter for Whole Home Protection 

Concerned about WiFi Sickness? An All-in-One Solution to Neutralize Harmful Electromagnetic Fields in Your Home or Office

The SafeSpace 1 Whole Home Plug In EMF Adapter successfully neutralizes the toxic effect of harmful EMF's and converts them to harmonious waves that support good health. The SafeSpace I Whole House Plug In EMF Adapter uses your main electricity circuit to send a corrective, harmonizing resonance through the wiring of the entire environment.

The circuitry in the plug itself is permanently encoded with a corrective signal. When you plug the Adapter into a wall socket, it uses the building’s wiring to transport the correcting signal throughout the entire circuit. This signal sets up a corrective resonance designed to convert the dangerous EMF's into biologically safe, life-enhancing fields!

Just plug it in and you're protected

Electrical wiring radiates toxic EMF's through the walls into every room. Appliances and electronics plugged into the electrical circuit also emits these toxic fields.

Your home and office's electrical wiring and every electrical device plugged into the circuit can be transformed into beneficial fields with the SafeSpace I Whole House Plug In EMF Adapter. Because the wiring between outlets is interconnected, only one SafeSpace I Whole House Plug In EMF Adapter is needed (per circuit breaker) to send a corrective resonance into the electric wiring throughout your space. 
Note: If another electrical panel/circuit is used in a different part of the building using a second Adapter is advised

Harmonize the electrical fields running through the internal wiring and circuitry of your entire home or office.
You can use the Whole House Plug In EMF Adapter anywhere you have a free socket. It affects everything plugged into the entire circuit. It even clears wireless devices (WiFi) simply because the wireless router is plugged into the main circuit.

Sends a corrective, harmonizing resonance through any appliance plugged into the circuit.

  • Electric wiring & smart meters - eliminate EMFs at the source
  • Large appliances - refrigerator, stove, microwave oven, washer/dryer
  • Small appliances - coffee maker, toaster, blender, hair dryer, alarm clock
  • Computer equipment - desktop, printer, routers, surge protectors
  • WiFi equipment - laptop, video game consoles, tablet computers
  • Electric tools - drills, saws, sanders
  • Materials - building materials, furniture, textiles, paint
  • Liquids and food - any refrigerated item
  • Water lines - reduce the toxic effect and increase the life force in water


Proven Protection

Proven to neutralize toxic EMF's and restore balance and tranquility to your environment.
Safe Space Whole House Plug In for EMF protection.

Research has shown that electromagnetic radiation impacts the viability and known electrical properties of DNA. Independent laboratory testing shows the Safe Space technology not only reversed the damage but actually improved DNA recovery.

"The Safe Space technology more than completely (110%) reversed the damaging effects from power line radiation. Thus, not only did it bring the biological system back to normal values (control values before exposure to power line radiation), but the conductivity values were enhanced above normal..."
Glen Rein, Ph.D., Director of Quantum Biology Research Labs

Everyone inside the environment enjoys the life-enhancing benefits. Use the SafeSpace I Whole House Plug In EMF Adapter anywhere you live, work, or spend time:
  • Home/apartment
  • Office
  • School/classroom
  • Hotels/Resorts Hospitals/doctors' offices
  • Retail shops
  • Restaurants
  • Spas
Start enjoying a healthier environment, and increased well-being.

This product is designed to provide EMF protection for both electronics plugged into the electrical ircuit and wireless signals. It is recommended to use the GeoResonators for geopathic stress protection. Plus consider EMF protection products for protection away from home!

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