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Chakra Bracelets

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Product Description

Chakra Bracelets for everyday wear! Made with a strong elastic cord for lightweight, easy wear. Cool and calming. Suitable for men and women. 

Wear while practicing yoga, during personal meditation, listening to music for a calming moment. These bracelets help you focus your chakra balance, reiki, and clear energy. Perfect for wearing daily. 

Muladhara Bracelet with Tree of Life Charm:

The muladhara chakra is stabilizing the foundation. Unless the muladhara is stabilized, one will not know health, well being, and a sense of stability and completeness. These qualities are essential for a human being to make an effort to climb high. You cannot make someone who is shaky on his legs climb a ladder, nor will he be willing. It takes a certain assurance in one’s body and mind to walk through life in an efficient and capable manner. 

The muldahara chakra is represented by the synthetic redstone beads. 

Tree of Life charm symbolizes the interconnection of life and the flow of creation, also known as The Tree of Knowledge, The Tree of Life with its seeds, branches and roots signifies the family tree. Its intention is to infuse abundance and prosperity into your life. When you wear it, promotes beauty, health, good luck,and healing.

Chakra Bracelet with Eye of Providence Charm:

This bracelet represents the 7 chakra's. This promotes energy balance, life emotional balance, and feeling of prosperity. Lightweight. Easy elastic cord for simplified wearing. Cool and calming. 

Chakra 7 Stones Material includes: Amethyst, Rock Crystal Quartz,Synthetic Sodalite, Green Aventurine, Yellow Aventurine, Red Agate, Synthetic Redstone.

Eye of Providence Charm is a beautiful symbol of the all seeing eye of God. 

The Eye of Providence is a symbol, having its origin in Christian iconography, showing an eye often surrounded by rays of light or a glory and usually enclosed by a triangle. It represents the eye of God watching over humanity. Wikipedia

Worn together, the chakra balance with the spiritual aspect of the Eye of Providence, this bracelet is a balancing aspiration of daily life. 




Other Details

Chakra Bracelets Bead Size::
Bracelet Length::
6.9 inches (17.5cm) original length
Charm Size::
Made in::
Arizona, USA