FAQ: Strauss Heart Drops

Strauss Heart Drop FAQ's

(Provided by Strauss Heart Drops. Please check with your personal medical care professional.)
1. Will Strauss Products react with my current medication?

In over 30 years that Strauss formulas have been on the open market, worldwide, there has never been a negative interaction with any prescription or non-prescription medication.

When a customer is taking medications Strauss recommends that they take the Strauss formulas either 1 hour (capsule form) or 30 minutes (liquid form) before taking the medication or 1 hour (or 30 minutes) after taking the medication. The emphasis is to not take the medication immediately before or after taking the Strauss formulas. This is not because of any worries about interaction but rather to maximize the effects of the Herbal formula and the medication.

As always, we recommend you check with your personal doctor and pharmasists when adding new supplements.

2. How does Strauss Heartdrops work?

It dissolves Cholesterol and plaque build-up throughout the body, allowing normal blood & oxygen flow. Maintains normal fat & Cholesterol levels in the blood. Promotes normal Circulation & heartbeat. Supports normal capillary strength, normal vision and normal Blood Pressure levels. All with no side effects!

Some use the Strauss Heart Drops as a preventative measure!

3. How long does each bottle of Strauss Heartdrops last?

50 ml bottle Strauss Heartdrops = 3 weeks supply
100 ml bottle Strauss Heartdrops = 6 weeks supply
250 ml bottle Strauss Heartdrops = 4 months supply
Based on average dosage of 0.75 ml 3 times per day

4. What's in Strauss Heartdrops?

Aged garlic oil, African cayenne and five herbs that work for your heart. It's the way that it's put together that makes it work so well.

Garlic (bulb), hawthorn (berry), mistletoe (leaf) (stem), motherwort (aerial), cayenne pepper (fruit) hawthorn (leaf) (flower), bilberry (leaf), white willow (bark), water, alcohol.

5. How do I take it? How long do I take it?

0.75 ml three times daily put under the tongue (using the provided dropper), hold the liquid there for a minute, then swallow. Some people will need more: Up to 2.5 ml 3 times daily.

Strauss suggest you start with the minimum amount of 0.55 ml and if need be work up to the 1.25 ml to 2.5 ml over the next 30-60 days. Strauss Heartdrops should be taken for a minimum of 12 consecutive months. For persons who desire additional support we suggest Strauss Heartdrops for an extended period of 18 months, and then an indefinite maintenance regimen (0.75 ml once per day).

If you desire, you can stay on Strauss Heartdrops indefinitely. Important: Strauss Heartdrops and other herbal blends are not prescription drugs. Each individual must experiment, to find out how much they need to take for their body type. It is better to take more than not enough. If you are still "not yourself" after 30 days, double up the amount, and again in 30 days if you feel it is necessary. You should not need to exceed 2.5 ml 3 times daily.

6. When do I take it?

Anytime of day, but not with meals. Preferably morning, afternoon and evening.

7. I don't like the taste, what should I do?

You may dilute the drops in approximately 1/4 cup of water and swallow.

8. How do I store the bottle?

Store Strauss Heartdrops at room temperature away from direct sunlight. If drops do become congealed from being cold, warm them up (put bottle in a container with hot water) and then shake bottle before use.

Do NOT refrigerate or microwave!

9. Are there any side effects?

Heartburn : The cayenne and/or garlic in the Strauss Heartdrops may cause heartburn. The longer you hold the drops in the mouth the less spicy they are when swallowed. Start with 1-5 drops a day and slowly build up the recommended amount. Eating 1 tablespoon of homemade sauerkraut (made wth salt only, not with wine or vinegar) 15 minutes before taking the drops may eliminate the heartburn. Eating 1 heaping tablespoon 3 times per day on an empty stomach may help rebuild the stomach lining and help repair ulcers.

Detoxification: Some people may experience detoxification when using Strauss Heartdrops. These toxins may leave the body through pores in the skin and provoke temporary skin irritation like a rash or pimples. You may also experience diarrhea or an increase in bowel movements, increased urination,
headache, dizziness, nausea and/or gas.

All of these are quite likely to occur during detoxification, signs your body is expelling toxins. If this becomes uncomfortable, reduce the Strauss Heartdrops amount to as little as 1 drop a day (do not completely stop taking) until the detoxifying stage is complete. A modification to your diet and/or habits may be required to reduce or stop the influx of new toxins. Once this stage is over, add 1 or 2 drops per day until you are comfortable taking the entire serving.

Cholesterol Levels: During the first few months expect your cholesterol level in your blood to rise since this is the first place your cholesterol will go when removed from your artery walls. Then cholesterol level will drop to normal. During this time, continue on with Strauss Heartdrops at the present serving size. If your cholesterol levels do not normalize after 6 months, even after increasing your serving as directed, you may have an under active thyroid.

Blood Pressure: In rare circumstances, a person's blood pressure may elevate temporarily. Blood pressure should normalize after 60 days while taking Strauss Heartdrops.