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Nutritionally potent and energizing! High in iron, calcium, and potassium.

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These sweet, super concentrated tablets are nutritionally potent and energizing!

Springreen Whole Beet Tablets #88 are an excellent ENERGY BOOSTING Whole Food (super food). And just why are they so great?

1. Our Beets are organically grown with compost and sea kelp. No chemical fertilizers or insecticides are used.

2. Our Beets are used whole beets (leaves, stem and beet root) and its juice is evaporated to dryness under high vacuum with infinite care and at low temperature to retain a maximum of enzymes, vitamins, and mineral factors.

3. One TON of Beets produces less than 20 pounds of powder, which is then compressed into tablets.

4. Our Beets have a high iron content, which rejuvenates and activates the red blood cells.

5. Our Beets contain potassium, phosphorous, calcium, sulfur and iodine, many trace minerals - these trace minerals are all extremely valuable to the body's proper, easy functioning.

The beets used for this product are organically grown. The whole beet (leaves, stems, and root) is juiced, and the extract is vacuum dried at low temperature to retain maximum quantities of the enzymes, vitamins and mineral factors. The drying process does not use fillers, binders, or stabilizers - such as maltodextrin (a sugar that is used as a drying agent). This product, being a concentrate, is nutritionally potent. A ton of beets produces less than 20 lbs. of powder. Therefore, all the nutrients present in the beet plant are present in the powder at 20 times the normal amounts. Unlike inorganic sources of iron, the body assimilates iron from the beet root very easily, because iron is found in an organic complex. Beets also contain potassium, magnesium, phosphorous, calcium, sulfur, iodine, vitamins and many trace minerals.

Our #88 Whole Beet Plant Juice Tablets are packaged in a recyclable amber glass bottle that ensures potency and freshness.

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Recommended Dosage: 2 to 8 tablets daily Directions: Take from two to eight tablets daily at mealtime, swallowed with water or chewed. Contents: 150 tablets. Refrigerate after opening.
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