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* Hot water therapy has adjustable temperature with a safety setting (timer) * Hot cold therapy improves blood circulation and reduces edema/swelling * Hot therapy reduces pain and discomfort of neuropathy * Effective for pain relief in joints and sore muscles * Can be used on the hands and feet (and all other body parts).

Product details

The water therapy booties are used with the ARS or AIS water therapy system to treat the feet with circulating cold or hot water therapy. Two booties are included so that both feet can be treated.


Product Weight (lbs) : 1

Width (cms) : 6

Legnth - Inches : 1

Weight Code : G

About the therapy

This needs to located on our resources page as a separate tab. Under the heading "About the therapy" and there needs to be different headings for all the different electrotherapy devices we sell i.e EMS, TENS, IFC, micro current, Russian Stim and galvanic stimulation. I will provide what details to post on this later.

Current Stock:
Weight: 1.00 LBS
Width: 2.00
Height: 1.00
Depth: 1.00

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