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An analgesic, emollient ointment for soothing superficial burning and itching skin conditions

Springreen Oil Based Salve Ointment #73 - an analgesic, sanitizing, emollient ointment for soothing the discomfort of superficial burns, sunburn, minor cuts, bruises, skin sores due to irritation, abrasions, itching of athlete's foot, pruritus, dry eczema and similar burning. For all minor itching skin conditions. This product brings natural, soothing relief!

Our #73 Oil Base Salve (ointment) is packaged in a 2 3/4 oz. recyclable container that keeps out contaminants and impurities.


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Directions: Apply liberally to the skin on the affected area morning, night or any time. Cover with a clean dressing or bandage loosely to protect clothing. Avoid getting into eyes. Ingredients: Zinc Oxide (USP), Oil of Camphor, Oil of Eucalyptus, Oil of Wintergreen (in a soothing emollient base of Lanolin, Petrolatum, and Sesame oil), with Bentonite as excipient.
Weight: 0.75 LBS

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