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Sonne Herbal Supplement #9A (Springreen #79A)

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Product Description

All natural herbal, nutritional supplement. Aids in cleansing of the colon.

Sonne Herbal Supplement #9A tablets are natural and non-habit forming.

"Fatigue and exhaustion are the main symptoms of a toxic colon. Toxins from the colon will travel to the energy glands of the body (the thyroid and the adrenal glands) and will slow them down immensely. As soon as this happens, you will gradually start to lose the pep and vitality you had in your youth. The sooner you clean out your colon, the sooner you will regain your youthful energy."
-   VE Irons, Founder of Sonne's Organic Foods

Our Herbal Supplement is a blend of cascara sagrada, aloe powder, and licorice root that is intended for relief of occasional constipation. We recommend taking two Herbal Supplement tablets the night before starting a Seven Day Cleansing Program. They can also be used daily while on the Cleanse, but should not be used regularly for an extended period of time (i.e., more than one week). If symptoms of constipation persist, you should consult with your health care provider about addressing the root cause of the constipation.

Poor dietary choices, low fluid intake, and lack of exercise are factors that can directly contribute to constipation. Bowel regularity should be achieved and maintained through changes in lifestyle, and not through the use of laxatives.

Our experience has shown that people generally get better results from the Seven Day Cleansing Program if they take Herbal Supplements with their final Cleansing Drink of their fast. 

Our #9A Herbal Supplement is packaged in a recyclable shatter resistant amber bottle that ensures potency and freshness.


Other Details

Recommended Dosage:
When taken in conjunction with the Seven Day Cleansing Program, take up to 4 tablets the night before beginning the Cleanse, and with the final Cleansing Drink of each day. Children over 5 should receive one-half to one tablet.
When taken in conjunction with the #79 Intestinal Cleanser, take 4 tablets at night with first dose of Intestinal Cleanser and a glass of warm water upon rising in the morning. Take another tablet the second and third nights with the Intestinal Clean
100 tablets

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