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Round Pad Lock with Lord Laxmi and Lord Ganesh Engraved Plus 2 Ornate Keys

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Round Pad Lock with Lord Laxmi and Lord Ganesh Engraved | 2 Keys | New

Handmade brass pad lock that works. Engraved with Lord Laxmi and Lord Ganesh. Comes complete with 2 ornate keys.

Use this as a gate lock. Hang on a dresser handle. Use to lock a storage box. This lock adds age and beauty while being truly functional.

Lakshmi is the Hindu goddess of wealth, fortune, power, beauty, fertility and prosperity who provides the beings with all kinds of material abundance. "She who leads to one's goals." Lakshmi is also spelled Laksmi and can be called Shri. The wife of Vishnu, she is said to take different forms to be with him in each of his reincarnations. For many Hindu families, Lakshmi is the household goddess and she is a particular favorite of women. 

Ganesh is the elephant head Hindu god of beginnings. He is traditionally worshipped before any major enterprise and is the patron of intellectuals, bankers, scribes and authors. Ganesh is also known as Ganesha, Ganapati, The Lord of Beginnings, The Remover of Obstacles and The Deity of Good Fortune. Ganesh's big belly represents generosity and total acceptance. Ganesh's upraised hand depicts protection and his tusk signifies one-pointedness. Ganesh is the best known deity and one of the most worshipped in the Hindu pantheon. His image is found throughout India. 

3" Round

Multiple locks available so the patina may vary from picture.

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