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You can taste the difference! By canceling out negative radiations and patterns that have lodged in your food and beverages, the vitality and nutritional value of what you consume is increased. Users report that our Food Liquid Energizer makes food more flavorful, improves the taste of water, removes the acid taste from coffee, wine and more. Best of all, many claim more energy and well being after meals. The secret is an energetically imprinted hologram that radiates a corrective energy field—a field specifically designed to clear the toxins in foods and liquids and raise the life energy.

Testing has shown that the Food Liquid Energizer effectively clears the negative energetic imprint of chemicals, preservatives, pesticides, insecticides, herbicides, heavy metals and electromagnetic radiation from food and liquids, restoring the original energetic pattern. Testing has also demonstrated that "charging" supplements with the Food/Liquid Energizer card strengthens their nutritional value.

The energy in supplements, vibrational remedies like homeopathics or flower essences can be weakened or destroyed from electromagnetic stress fields, from airport scanners when traveling or from shipping. This card also restores the original energetic pattern to 100% effectiveness into substances that have been energetically weakened.

Currently, a tremendous amount of food value is lost through modern processing. From newer agriculture techniques like early harvesting, further transporting, storage, precooking, pasteurization, freezing, canning and refining a large percentage of nutrition is lost in our food. Chemicals, pesticides, irradiation, preservative and metallic residues in our food and water supply are causing serious depletion in their enzyme, vitamin and mineral content, in addition to depleting the life force and vitality of these substances.

The Food / Liquid Energizer is used to neutralize the energy imbalances from toxic residues in foods and liquids and to raise the positive energy, vitality and nutritional value of these substances. It cancels out interfering radiations which have lodged in your food, water and other beverages. When the vibratory level of the energy in food, liquids or supplements are heightened the nutritional value is enhanced.

    * Restore vitality to foods, liquids and supplements
    * Clear energy imbalances from toxic residues
    * Raise the nutritional value of foods
    * Improve digestion and energy after meals

Users often report more energy after meals when using this card. Testing has shown that charging supplements strengthens their potency. Often reported that some need less food or vitamin supplementation after their items have been charged.

How the card works:

The Food Liquid Energizer is programmed with a hologram that radiates a range of permanently imprinted vibrational frequencies that are specifically honed to foods and beverages. When the vibratory level of the energy in food, liquids or supplements is heightened, a positive change in the energy structure of food or liquid occurs: energetic disturbances are harmonized and life force is raised within minutes.

The level of vitality in a substance before ’charging’ will influence the degree to which the item can be enhanced. Charging healthy, vital foods will increase their value tremendously–the life force is enhanced and the toxic effect is lessened. Depleted foods do not absorb as much energy from the Food/Liquid Energizer, but toxic patterns will be neutralized, and the life force raised to whatever degree is possible. The card can also be used in the refrigerator or pantry to keep foods fresh longer.



Simply place the hologram near the foods or liquids you are treating for a few minutes (1 to 5 minutes) to balance and structure them with a new vitality. Keep the Energizer on the counter during food preparation or in bags of groceries. Place it in the refrigerator or pantry to treat stored items. Have one for the office kitchen and one for the home kitchen.

Small: The 2" x 31/2 " hologram clears in a 18" area. Keep in your wallet for dining out or traveling. 

*The Small has been discontinued. Shipments will be honored with stock availability only. 

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