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Computer Monitor/Laptop EMF Protection

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Best Value! 4 Waveshield 1000 Oval. Computer Monitor EMF Protection Combination Package. Or, take the savings for a family 4 pack for your Cell Phones.

Computer Monitor Package

Your monitor produces EMFs like cell phones! Protect your family with our computer monitor Waveshield package! Four Waveshields will reduce the EMF radiation immediately and help keep you safe!

Our most recent testing from August 2011 confirms what many of our customers already knew and were telling us. When placing the Waveshield in the corners of the screen, for those that are sensitive to emf, they immediately felt less heat and less eye strain over prolonged periods of use.

Our testing confirmed reduction in emf from computer screens when a small Waveshield silver is placed in each corner of the screen was in fact taking place!

Your computer monitor produces heavy amounts of EMF just like cellphones. Protect yourself and your family from computer monitor EMF radiation and vibration. Reduce the radiation immediately with the Waveshield Computer Package. 

The vast majority of electromagnetic radiation (EMF waves) emitted by monitors comes from the screen or built in speaker. Waveshield projects they may reduce the strength of electromagnetic-field emissions from monitor screens by as much as 50-97% depending on the monitor model.

This works especially well for computer users that sit close to their monitor or literally have their laptop in their lap. Waveshield protect from the EMF waves and reduce the vibration produced by laptops.

Package price includes (4) Waveshield 1000 Oval.

 Extra value for families with multiple cell phones!

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