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The Vitality Pack is a combination of our two unique mechanical devices designed to measure a person’s life energy, the Egely Wheel and Vitality Indicator.

The Vitality Pack is a combination of our two unique mechanical devices designed to measure a person’s bio or life energy, the Egely Wheel and Vitality Indicator.  These devices are capable of being moved by only the user’s mind and will power, by being affected solely by each person’s life energy,or Ch’i (Qi) by the Chinese or ki by the Japanese peoples for centuries and has been fundamental in their understanding of medicinal practices.  While this energy has been known and used for centuries, it has been scrutinized in the west due to the Witch Hunts and other Church actions during the medieval times and more recently due to the disbelief of the unexplained and “paranormal” by the scientific revolution.   However, Dr. George Egely, Ph.D in the transmission of heat and energy, became fascinated with the ability of humans to influence objects.  He began engaging in serious of experiments designed to control for factors like wind, heat of hands, and other variables, showing that nearly 66% of the subjects tested where able to move the water at some level with merely their will.  In order to better measure each person’s individual energy levels, he designed the egely Wheel and vitality indicator, and these devices combine to clearly show a person’s energy levels 


What is Measured and What Does it Mean?


The Egely Wheel and Vitality Indicator measure each person’s natural life energy, readily known to many as the Chinese concept of Ch’i, and gives the information in what is called a vitality quotient.  This number is indicative of many factors, including but not limited to: health, intelligence, success, mood, diet, and mental inclination, as it has been noted that those who score higher on this score are: healthy (as those who are sick are barely able to move the wheel), intelligent, successful, happy, extroverted, and optimistic.  The vitality quotient is grouped into three sections, below average (Red LED), average (Yellow LED), and above average (Green LED).  However, while testing one’s self, scoring below what is desired is not a predetermined or immutable occurrence, as the vitality score can be increased by:

  • Sleep
  • Relaxing Exercises (such as meditation)
  • Sports
  • Proper Diet and Nutrition
  • Detoxification 
  • Changing locations of testing (to move away from a possible disturbance zone)


By increasing and correcting this things in your life, in combination with natural endowed qualities, it is possible to increase your Vitality Quotient, as it is a value that’s only limit is how well you and your body are.  Below is a Chart that fully shows the specifics of each Vitality Quotient section.



What is the difference between the Egely Wheel and the Vitality Indicator?

The difference in these two devices comes in their design, as while both of these devices will give the user an indicator of their vitality levels, the do so in very different ways.  The Egely Wheel will give the user a definite value for the numbers of rotations of the wheel from the electronics that are attached to the wheel.  On the other hand, it is possible to count the number of wheel rotations of Vitality Indicator, but it is not recommend that the user does this.  As doing this takes a different state of mind from the one recommended while using this device and it will decrease the vitality level. This also occurs when trying to do math or puzzles while measuring vitality, as there will be a noticeable decrease in performance and even potentially a halt in the rotation of the wheel. 

It is suggested that the Vitality Indicator is used instead to test the “thickness” of the user’s aura, or at how far a distance will the wheel still rotate. This is best done by starting the test as instructed and then gradually moving the hand back slowly to the point at which it stops entirely.


Instructions for Using the Egely Wheel

1. Remove the transparent plastic cover. It is advised to first move the cover slightly by pressing down on the device a little above where it says Egely Wheel.  After this, carefully lift the device to help prevent harming the wheel’s sensitive bearing.

2. Use the switch on the left side of the device to turn it on. If the switch is put in the middle position, the LEDs only will light up on the device, but by turning the switch to its highest position, beeps will be heard as well. 

3.Place one hands on the bioenergy meter as seen in the picture.  Attempt to surround the device as much as possible with the fingers and palm.  The device can be touched, but be careful to ensure that the wheel is not be touched.

4. Slightly squeeze your fingers, while concentrating and relaxing. Once doing this, the sensor wheel will start to rotate at a speed determined by your life energy level, with the electronics showing your vitality quotient, with the first LED showing the maximum value you have reached, while the other LED shows the wheel’s current amount of rotation.  The reading can be attempted in different positions to potentially increase results.

Once trying the wheel for a few minutes, you may notice that it is possible to influence the speed of the wheel with your willpower.  Also, by switching hands, it is possible to switch the direction the wheel rotates.

Egely Wheel  Awards

1. 24. Salon International des Inventions, 1996, Genf - Bronze Medal

2. 27. Salon International des Inventions,1999, Genf - Bronze Medal

3. INPEX 'XII International Invention Show, 1996, Pittsburgh - Gold Medal

4. EUREKA, 45th World Exhibition of Invention, Research and Industrial

Innovation, 1996, Brussels - Bronze Medal

5. EUREKA, 48th World Exhibition of Invention, Research and New Technology,

1999, Brussels - Silver Medal

6. Beijing International Exhibition of Inventions, 1996, Beijing – Silver Medal

7. Sunday Times Invention of The Year Competition, 1997, London - Silver Medal

8. East-West Euro Intellect (Exhibition of Invention, Research and Innovation),

1998, Sofia - Gold Medal

Instructions for Using the Vitality Indicator

Place one hand on the Vitality Indicator as seen in the picture.  Attempt to surround the device as much as possible with the fingers and palm.  The device can be touched, but be careful to ensure that the wheel is not be touched.  Then concentrate on moving the wheel while relaxing the mind.

It is not recommended to use this device for more then 10-15 minutes a one time, but instead to try it several times for shorter periods.  The reason for this recommendation is that using the Vitality Indicator for an extended time a very taxing activity on a person’s energy. Furthermore the highest vitality levels will be found on days of high relaxation and low stress, such as on a beautiful weekend day after a good day’s relaxation.

Four Levels of Measurement for the Vitality Indicator

First level: Gauging the quantity of energy  

The first step of understanding your vitality level is by observing the maximum revolutions produced separately by our left and right hands.  While there is no way to know the exact number of revolutions, with these device you do not need to count (as it may influence and stop the wheel from rotating) and it is appropriate to just denote if it is slow, average, or fast in its number of revolutions. It is not uncommon to have each hand rotate the wheel at very different rates.  Also, if feeling confident or in subsequent tests it is possible to manipulate the wheels speed by trying with will to slow or accelerate the wheel’s rotation.

Second level: Manipulating the amount of energy in two wheels. 

The next step to testing is to work on rotating a wheel with each hand simultaneously.  While doing this, usually it happens that both wheels will spin at a slower rate than when they were tested separately.  However, after practicing for a few days, the revolution should have the same speed as the wheels had when we were tested separately. 

To improve the rate at which the wheel is spinning, and therefore your life’s vitality, can possible be improved through a variety of action including but not limited to relaxing yoga practices or mental imagining recent pleasant or unpleasant experiences.  The amazing thing about the power of these actions can be evidenced in mere minutes of implementing them, because it is believed that nearly 20-30% of our vitality level is dictated by our current mental state.

For the vast majority of people, being able to achieve the second level is enough to potentially indicate the person will have a healthier and more successful life.  Also, at this stage, it is possible to potentially influence another person’s vitality level.  This can be easily evidenced by having another person test their vitality level, then going near them and noting the increase in their reading, as it is very rare that it would be decreased by your presence.  This ability is potentially useful in any aspect of life that involves interaction with other people, as it may potentially help bring about the result that you want.   

Third level: Manipulating the direction of one wheel.  

It is possible to change the direction of the wheel’s rotation with only one hand.  In 99% of cases, the wheel rotates from the palm towards the fingers, and only rarely does it rotate backwards towards the palm.  However, it can be potentially reversed simply with the mind’s willpower. 

Fourth level: Manipulating the direction of two wheels.  

The highest indicator of a strong vitality level is denoted by the ability to influence and change the directions of two wheels.  The ability to do this is very rare, almost the level of nonexistence, and the creator of this device has only met two people able to do this in his entire life, (a Chinese martial arts teacher in Hong-Kong and a professional healer in the Philippines).


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