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Whole Food Multivitamin with Herbal Extracts…True Wellness from the Inside Out

Vita•Min•Herb for Men is a powerfully restorative and deeply nourishing formula with a potent array of organic ingredients—all designed to maximize a man’s ongoing energy, vitality, and lifelong well-being.

The wisdom of nature guided every step in the creation ofVita•Min•Herb for Men. Our innovative whole food vitamins and minerals, made with organic vegetables and fruits, are united with over 25 of our exclusive, organic SuperPureherbal extracts and spice blend to support and sustain your healthy energy, hormones, heart, mind, digestion, immune system, and overall well-being. The end result is an all-in-one formulation that supports and fortifies a man’s body and his dynamic physiology. So much more than just a multi–vitamin!



  • Deeply revitalizing and restorative for a man’s physiology
  • Maximizes your ongoing energy, vitality, and virility
  • Promotes optimal athletic performance, endurance, and recovery
  • Fosters a clear, focused, energized mind
  • Targeted support for your most vital organs and systems

….and much more!

Vitamin Herb
Vitamin Herb

Vita•Min•Herb for Men stands apart in the market today—not only for its organic whole food nutrients, but also for its exclusive SuperPure organic herbal extracts and spice blend. Relying on traditional herbal wisdom and the best of modern science, we have expertly chosen and created our SuperPure ingredients to support a man’s needs and his most vital systems—hormone, energy, digestive, immune, brain, and heart.

Many multi–vitamin formulas claiming health-supportive botanicals have nothing more than a “dash” of low-quality herb powders -- just so they can list them on the ingredient label. Don’t be fooled by imposters—with Vita•Min•Herb you get beneficial amounts of concentrated, SuperPure, organic extracts. We invite you to feel the difference!


Men’s Energy and Vitality Builder:
 Energizing and harmonizing herbs to build a renewed sense of vitality and vigor View Herb List

Men’s Immune Strength: Valuable, time-honored herbs to support a robust, healthy immune response View Herb List

Men’s Digestive Ease: Restorative botanical blend to both calm and strengthen your digestive system View Herb List

Men’s Heart Health: A fusion of notable botanicals and bioflavonoids for tried and true heart support View Herb List

Men’s Mind and Brain Support: A powerful selection of herbs to foster a clear and focused mind, and healthy brain function View Herb List

Men’s Fortifying Spice Blend: A potent blend of spices to support a man’s vital physiologyView Herb List

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