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The TENS Electornic Pulse Massager with 10 intensity levels and variety of attachments. FDA approved.
The TENS Electornic Pulse Massager has the attachements to use on a variety of areas of the body. The massage slippers are for tired, aching feet or to stimulate circulation for diabetics. Use the massage belt for the hard-to-reach lower back region. 

TENS Massage use pointsThis TENS Massage Combo Pack includes: TENS Massage Unit, Conductive Massage Slippers, four Electrode Pads and two Massage Belts.

Use the massager with Pad on areas such as the shoulders and upper back. Use the Massage Belts for arms, waist and legs. The unit delivers electric impulses to tired and sore muscles. Your muscles respond to the impulses by contracting and relaxing rhythmically, which sends soothing massage sensations to relieve muscle tension and soreness.

When connected to the slippers, it will help improve blood circulation and relieve tension of the whole body as well as relieve of foot and heel pains. Rejuvenate your tired and sore feet.

The massage unit offers six massage modes with 10 intensity levels each, offering a various combinations of massage sensations. Your body tends to get accustomed to one particular sensation and will eventually stop responding to it, the different sensations available on this unit ensures that your body does not become desensitized.

Use regularly to improve resistance to fatigue while increasing endurance; relax muscles and relieve muscular spasms; accelerate microcirculation and promote the absorption of inflammatory substances.

Features and Functions

- Dual-channel
- 6 massage programs
- 10 intensity levels
- Liquid crystal display
- Pulse rate: 1-200Hz
- Pulse intensity: 120V/5.1K
- Intensity range: 0-110 volts
- Pulse width: 100US
- Timer: 10 to 60 minutes (in 10 minute increments)
- FDA approved

What's Included

- Main massage unit (1 pc)
- Massage slippers (1 pair)
- Electrode pads (4 pcs)
- Massage belts (2 pcs)
- Elastic bands to use with massage belt (10 pcs): 2 long, 4 medium, 4 short
- Lead wires (2 pcs)
- Wire storage (1 pc)
- USB cable (1 pc)
- USB adapter (1 pc)

TENS Electronic Massage Specifications

Warranty is one year parts & Labor.  Details of our warranty  can be reviewed at:

Instruction Manual 
TENS UC-030B Parts Identification Chart

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