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SuperEar® is the Industry Leader in Personal Sound Amplifiers. Increase Hearing 50+ Decibels

SuperEar® is the Industry Leader in

Personal Sound Amplifiers

Which Increase Hearing 50+ Decibels

  • Nature Lovers

  • Senior Citizens

  • Slight to Moderate Hearing Impaired

  • Sports Fans and Sleuths

  • Birdwatchers

  • Ghost Hunters

  • Doctor's Offices and Hospitals

  • Excellent In Courtrooms

  • Great for Theaters

  • Used In Churches and Congregations

What binoculars do to improve your vision, the SuperEar® does to improve your ability to hear the sounds around you.


Outdoors, Indoors, Bird Watching, Church, Theater, Lectures, etc. Sonic has a SuperEar® to increase hearing and listening, amplifying sound for the nature enthusiast or the slight to moderately hearing impaired.  SuperEar® is a high-tech yet affordable product which incorporates miniaturized circuit technology, combined with multi-element electronic microphone and matched output headphone drivers.

Original Model SuperEar® SE4000X

Personal Sound Amplifier Increases Hearing 50db


superear boosts sound 50 db

Superear personal sound amplifier


Applications Include

Long Term Care, CMS MDS 3.0 Patient Assessment Hearing Amplifier, Nature Observation, Meetings, Concerts, Camping, Bird Watching, Theater, Church, Lectures, Hiking, Sporting Events, Watching Television.

All Use the SuperEar® Increases Hearing 50+ Decibels


SuperEar® Personal Sound Amplifier

Boosts hearing with a powerful 50 decibels of sound gain outdoors, indoors, virtually anywhere. This versatile hand-held amplifier is compact enough to fit in the smallest pocket, yet comes with accessories to attach the SuperEar® to binoculars, belt, hat or other gear. The multi-element microphone is mounted in a 180 degree swiveling sound boom that is covered in a protective foam windscreen.


Premium stereo headphones fit comfortably to deliver clear, crisp sound.


Accessories include a binocular mounting clip, velcro strips for attaching the unit to binoculars, and a stainless steel pocket-belt clip for indoor and outdoor use. AAA battery is also included.

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