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Buddha Maitreya Sacred Geometric Forms

Perfectly handcrafted, three-dimensional sacred geometric meditation form represents the divine order of reality and the principle of life itself. The forms are blessed by the healing energy of His Holiness Buddha Maitreya, the American born incarnation of Maitreya Buddha, awakening the geomancy of the form and allowing it to radiate light and vitality for healing and meditation.

Sacred geomancy is the divine order found within all nature and is used to awaken higher energies, align to the Soul and raise consciousness, allowing for the deepest levels of meditation, relaxation and healing. The natural laws of sacred geomancy are the simple universal forms found at the heart of nature and reflected in all world religions though the sacred forms of churches, temples, and stupas. 

These sacred geometric forms are made precisely according to the sacred geometric structures found in nature and based on the platonic solids. The Star Tetrahedron contains and Octahedron within and when placed within a Cube creates the Metatron's Cube (sometimes called the Fruit of Life, a component of the Flower of Life).  The form is about 3.5” inches long.

Hold in the hands during meditation or hang from the ceiling to create sacred space or to meditate under. When hung in a room, the sacred geometric forms create an energetic field that radiates out, constantly transmuting negative energy. The form can be upgraded with the addition of an Etheric Weaver® within the center of the form to increase its vibratory resonance and effect (call Natural Healing Tools for pricing). 

The Buddha Maitreya Sacred Geometric Meditation Forms work to bless and transform the energy of any space, increasing natural Chi energy. Each form comes with a bonus Soul Therapy® Meditation CD to use in contemplation with the form, either for listening to when meditating or to play in a room 24/7 to help maintain the sacred space.

  • Approx: 3.5" Small, or 7" Medium, or 12" Large 
  • 24K Goldplated Geometric Form
  • Upgrade with an Etheric Weaver Crystal located in the center of the form
  • Free Soul Therapy Meditation CD to use in contemplation with the form
  • Hand made to order. May take 2 -3 weeks for your piece to be produced.
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