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Q-Link pendants are worn by professional golfers to aid in mental focus. Brushed and Polished Finishes available.

Back due to popular demand, we've re-introduced our first silver pendant design - with a fresh new look and updated with our very latest SRT-3 programming. Highly polished outer finish. It's the perfect accent for every occasion, from the most informal to the most elegant. Popular styling for both men and women. 

Golfer's wear the QLink subtle energy pendants, like PGA professional golfer Justin Rose, to enhance mental focus.

Includes a 24" Silver Chain
Casing: Solid .925 Sterling Silver
Weight: 14-15g
W:29mm X H:29mm X D:5mm

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Beneficial Resonance with your Biofield

In 1994, the National Institutes of Health in the United States adopted a new term, the "Biofield", to describe a growing body of research showing a subtle field that permeates and extends beyond the physical body. The biofield is something you've probably already noticed: a vital force that animates our bodies and powers our daily lives. When our biofield is out of balance, we're out of balance. Disease, fatigue, and apathy all reflect a compromised biofield. When something improves our biofield, such as the Q Link, it can increase our mental and physical performance, reinforce our natural immunity to stress and enhance our sense of well-being.

Every day, our biofields are negatively impacted by flickering computer monitors, irate bosses, cell phones, emotional stress, tabloid television, and traffic jams. We are literally bombarded with frequencies that wear us down. That's why it is essential to care for and maintain our energy system.

Q Link products tune up your biofield through a resonant effect that harmonizes your energy and helps you to navigate more smoothly through a stressful world. Think of Q Link products like tuning forks that remind your biofield of its optimal functioning state. Worldly stress and performance demands cause the biofield to become more chaotic and incoherent. Q Link SRT products enable you to handle these challenges more dynamically - enabling greater efficiency, harmony, output and balance in everything you do.

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