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Portable Battery Operated Pocket TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulator) Kit for Pain Relief and Management. Includes TENS, Self Stick Electrodes, Lead Wires, Battery, Owner's Manual and Carrying Case.

Product Features:


Pocket Sized


Very Easy to Use

Dual or Single Channel Option


Fully Adjustable:

parameters, frequency and pulse

Adjustable duration and modulation modes

Adjustable timer

Includes Carrying Case for Ease of Use

Includes 4 Self Adhesive Electrode Pads

Includes One 9 Volt battery

30 Day Satisfaction Guaranteed

One Year Warranty


Product Description
The Sonic Neuro-Stim is a pocket sized, portable, battery operated TENS (Transcutaneous

Electrical Nerve Stimulator) which is used for the symptomatic relief and management of chronic (long term) pain.

Relieve Pain and Rebuild, Re-educate, Tone, and Stimulate Muscles. TENS is a non evasive pain relief method.

The Sonic Neuro-Stim sends impulses through the skin that stimulate the nerve (or nerves) in the treatment area. Features include: Dual Channels which may be isolated between channels - meaning you can operate either station.

Wave Form: Modified, square wave form with zero net direct current (DC) component.

Pulse Amplitude: 0 to 80 mA each channel, adjustable (500 ohm load).

Pulse Frequency: 2-150 Hz adjustable.

Pulse Width: 60 - 250 Microseconds adjustable.

Modulation mode: Pulse width is automatically varied in a cyclic pattern over an interval of nominally 4.0 seconds.

Burst Mode 7 Pulses per Burst, 2 Bursts per second.

100 Hz internal frequency of burst.

Maximum Charge: 20 micro coulombs per pulse.

Power Source: 9 Volt Alkaline Battery.

Battery Life: 70 hours average usage (alkaline).

Size 3.5 " x .5 x 2.5". Weight of unit without battery: 3 oz. FDA 510K approved.


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