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  • Package Includes: Device, batteries, lead wires, 1 pack of 4 electrodes, carrying case and users manual.
  • Channels: 2 Channels Isolated
  • Waveform: Symmetrical Biphasic Square
  • Designed for muscle strenght and muscle mass enhancement

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The only portable Russian Stimulator on the Market

Russian Stimulation

Russian Stimulation is a specific form of electro-stimulation with a Symmetrical Biphasic Square waveform produced by dividing a 2500 Hz carrier frequency into 50 Hz packets. Originally developed by the Russian Olympic team for muscle mass enhancement, is now often used for muscle strengthening, muscle spasms & Edema reduction in the United States.

Package includes:
1 pair of lead wires.
1 pack of 4 electrodes.
110V US AC-DC Power adapter and a 9v Alkaline Battery Hard Plastic carrying case Users manual.
Belt clip.

Russian Muscle stimulation is similar to EMS. It is designed to stimulate motor nerves. However, the high frequency of 2500 Hz allows for deeper muscle penetration and a more complete/stronger contraction of the muscle fibers. Comes with 1 year warranty against mechanical defects.

When you place an order for the R-2500, you will receive everything you need to get started. Please keep in mind that the Russian Stimulator is oftentimes used by athletes to increase muscle mass and endurance and has the ability to deliver a stronger electrical current to your body than a standard EMS device (which is used primarily for rehabilitation). Due to this fact, the lead wires may wear out faster with this device, so it is a good idea to purchase an extra set of lead wires ($12/pair).

If you are unsure as to which device to choose, please consult your physician.


Product Weight (lbs) : 2

Width (cms) : 9

Legnth - Inches : 6

Weight Code : G

About the therapy

This needs to located on our resources page as a separate tab. Under the heading "About the therapy" and there needs to be different headings for all the different electrotherapy devices we sell i.e EMS, TENS, IFC, micro current, Russian Stim and galvanic stimulation. I will provide what details to post on this later.

Current Stock:
Weight: 2.00 LBS
Width: 6.00
Height: 4.00
Depth: 2.00

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