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CrampX prevention and relief of cramps. Help eliminate night time leg cramps. Help athletes relieve cramps during work outs.

This highly effective proprietary formula is marketed as Q2O CRAMPX ® and is changing active lives every day. Other cramping products normally require digesting a pill or using a type of roll-on treatment that can take up to 30 minutes to begin to take effect. Q2O CRAMPX is the first proprietary, physician formulated product designed and shown to work within seconds. Scientifically combining vitamins and minerals and carefully evaluated and tested by Dr. Dempsey himself, studies have shown the product delivers at a 96% rate of effectiveness. And, Q2O CRAMPX not only relieves leg and muscle cramps, it prevents them from occurring.**

This new product developed in Lees Summit, Missouri by Dr. Herb E. Dempsey is offering stunning results.

Q2O CRAMPX delivers the following benefits:

  • Prevention of the occurrence of Cramping **
  • Instant Relief from muscle Cramping and or Spasm **
  • Enhancement of uninterrupted sleeping through the night**
  • Enhancement of uninterrupted athletic performance **

Live healthier by eliminating your muscle cramps. No matter what your age, effective and reliable muscle cramp care is an important health care need. Do you awaken in the middle of the night with severe leg cramps causing you to lose sleep? During the day, cramping can keep you from exercising or from fully engaging in an important athletic contest or event.

Millions of Americans suffer from this condition and, though we don’t know exactly what causes leg and other types of cramping, there are many recognized contributing factors. Any muscle in your body can tighten at any given time causing a sudden cramp or spasm effect that can be debilitating. With aging, as our muscles weaken, more frequent cramping can begin to occur. During athletic performances or when we are engaged in physically demanding activity or work, the likelihood of muscle cramping heightens. Efforts toward controlling cramping have ranged from increased salts and mineral intake to hyper-hydration.

Refrigerate after opening

Each bottle is packed with 2 doses delivering twice the power needed to prevent cramps up to 6hours or relieve a cramp in SECONDS!

Shipping Note: For 2 cases or less shipped in the US, choose a Medium Flat Rate Box. For 3 to 5 cases, choose the Larg Flat Rate Box. Shipping may be adjusted based on your shipping method choosen. To verify shipping rates, 1 case weights 7 pounds. 

*Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.  Not a significant source of other nutrients.

**Technical information and proposed formulations including production procedures are believed to be correct.  However, this does not constitute a guarantee of the accuracy of the information contained herein and confirming tests in your own plant or laboratory are recommended.  While we believe materials supplied by our firm are legal in country of use, we do not warrant or guarantee their legality and highly recommend user confer with local health authorities before using.  Formats for illustrative purposes only.  Point size, line width and format may not meet FDA requirements. Not all statements have been evaluated by the FDA</p

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