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Want your EMF protection as invisible as the waves themselves?


When NHT EMF PROTECTION DROPS are placed on almost any object that emits EMF’s or toxins that harm the human bio-filed, a matter transformation process take place within seconds. The harmful emissions re-pattern themselves into a form of matter that is non-harmful to the human bio-filed. 

The reformatted matter transfers a signal through the moisture in the air to similar objects within a 4.6 mile radius repeating the same process. 


The NHT EMF PROTECTION DROPS help to eliminate the electromagnetic stress caused to the human body by electronic devices emitting harmful radiation or electromagnetic fields (EMF).

Suggestions for Use:

  1. Place 3 Drops on Electrical appliances, computers, monitors, plastics, carpets, flooring, furniture, paints, chemicals, trees, plants. and grass.
  2. Place 3 Drops on anything plugged in near the bed like alarm clock, lamps, or electric blankets.
  3. Place 10 Drops on outer case or shell of any wireless devices including iPads, SmartPhones, Tablets, Touch Screen devices, Smart Meters, Microwaves, LED Screens, Laptops, or any wireless device.

Let the NHT EMF Protection Drops dry. Or wipe off after 5 minutes.
Repeat application every 6 months on any mobile device or anything that is cleaned regularly.

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