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  •  Package Includes: Device, batteries, lead wires, 1 pack of 4 electrodes, carrying case and users manual.
  • Crossing of two electrical medium, independent frequencies.Stimulate large impulse fibers.
  • Deep tissue penetration can be adjusted
  • Dual Channel device with the ability to adjust each channel.

Product details

This type of stimulation is characterized by the crossing of two electrical medium, independent frequencies that work together to effectively stimulate large impulse fibers. These frequencies interfere with the transmission of pain messages at the spinal cord level. Because of the frequency, the Interferential wave meets low impedance when crossing the skin to enter the underlying tissue. This deep tissue penetration can be adjusted to stimulate parasympathetic nerve fibers for increased blood flow. Interferential Stimulation differs from TENS because it allows a deeper penetration of the tissue with more comfort (compliance) and increased circulation.

Package includes

1 pair of lead wires.
Carrying case.
Users manual.
Belt clip.


Carrier Frequency: 4000Hz., fixed

Interference Frequency: 4004 - 4160 Hz

Difference Frequency: 4 - 160 Hz., adjustable

Output Voltage: 0 - 60mA (or 0 - 30V) (through 500 ohms)

Waveform: Symmetrical balanced Sine wave

Pulse Width: 125 Microseconds for each phase

Four Frequency Shift: Continuous, 1/1 abrupt, 6/6 ramped and 6/6 abrupt , 10/10 ramped and 10/10 abrupt


Muscle soreness, Muscle stiffness, Arthritis, Body pain, Post-op pain, Post-traumatic acute pain and Chronic pain.


Product Weight (lbs) : 2

Width (cms) : 9

Legnth - Inches : 6

Weight Code : G

About the therapy

This needs to located on our resources page as a separate tab. Under the heading "About the therapy" and there needs to be different headings for all the different electrotherapy devices we sell i.e EMS, TENS, IFC, micro current, Russian Stim and galvanic stimulation. I will provide what details to post on this later.

Current Stock:
Weight: 2.00 LBS
Width: 6.00
Height: 4.00
Depth: 2.00

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