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Eye ProtectorTM A Powerful Way to Help Protect, Support & Maintain the Health of Your Eyes
Eye Protector genuinely supports our eye health. Clinical studies have identified a full spectrum of important phytonutrients that have a positive effect on our vision and eyes. Eye Protector is the most comprehensive eye formula you will find. It contains not a modest handful of ingredients, like most products, but more than fifteen SuperPure, potent extracts and concentrates in clinically relevant amounts, many of which are not found in any other eye formula. 

It took us three years of dedicated research to develop our exclusive SuperPure process. Absolutely no hexane, acetone, methanol, ethyl acetate or other harsh chemicals, which are so common in the industry, have ever been used at anytime during the extraction process. We are very proud of this achievement that is so much better for you, your eyes, and our environment. 

Because the Health of Your Eyes Depends on It

    • Nourishes and Protects Healthy Vision & Eyes
    • Supports Healthy Aging of Eyes & Retina
    • Supports Healthy Visual Acuity (Focus)
    • Supports Healthy Eye Energy (Strain/Fatigue Reduction)
    • Supports Healthy Night Vision
    • Supports Healthy Eye Pressure & Blood Flow
    • Bonus Protection for Healthy, Radiant Skin
    • Provides the key phytonutrients highlighted in Age-Related Eye Disease Study 2 (AREDS 2) to help slow macular degeneration, leading cause of vision loss

Comprehensive, 3-Part Protection

Eye Protector Supplement Facts

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