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Light Message! Deep Muscle Rub!
Dr. Necky is a wonderful little tool that will work your neck into relief like a professional masseuse!

Small! Portable! Convenient to Use!

The special rolling wheels have a knuckle –like pattern that works like no other tool on the market, to loosen up those tight muscle knots by rubbing and rolling the muscle knots back and forth to ease the tension and release the muscle spasm.

Self massage tools are becoming the essential must have for
those that are on the go, at work, or just too busy to see a professional. The  portability and ease of use of this nifty gadget will come in handy time and time again to help revitalize your neck and cervical region. Dr. Necky can be used as a light massage or a deep tissue rub.

Best of all, it is small, portable, and convenient to use anywhere!
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